The Book of Truth

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The dusty stone tablets had been hidden away in the dark room of the groundkeepers quarters for decades. The old stone had begun crumbling, one had even snapped over the middle when they moved them from their original placement all those years ago.


The Book of Truth is a text written down by the group who got the vision from Arkna and saw the reality she showed them as she taught them how to make shrines.
  It was originally written down on large slates of stone placed at the the Shrine of Aralican, but it was sooner adapted into a book so it could be accessed easily. The document is more of a summary of what the vision showed, as only few actual words were revealed. The only information given was the name of the goddess, the name of the symbol Pra as well as how the shrines should be built.   The rest was shown and not told to the group in their collective vision. Therefore, the chapters in the book might sound more like stories to some of the Humans and Iwachi, though the Southern humans still generally believe in everything that is said in the book, as well as believe that Arkna is an actual Goddess and not a concept like some Munduanists might say.
Arkna Portrait
by Ninne124
The Goddess Arkna


The book is used both in Arknaism as well as in Munduanism, though only Arkanists interpret it in the original way. The Mundanists generally conform it to fit with their reality as it is now, and as most have begun to disbelieve that a goddess could be real, they believe that the earth itself is Arkna and that Arkna is a thing found in all things. The name Arkna is interchangeable with magic in Mundanism.   Now most believe in magic, though some have a harder time believing that there was magic. Arkna abandoned them 102 years ago and most magic users were gone 40 years ago. Some remember them but many have only heard the tales passed down. Variations of the traditions and rituals carried out at the shrines still live on, but they have no actual impact anymore.
DISCLAIMER: not everything from the document is actually written in the document above!    


The book has contains the following chapters:
  1. The Tenets of Arkna
  2. The Creation of the World
  3. Shrine Building
  4. Magic and manipulation of worldly power
  5. Land of the Goners
  6. Transerion
  7. Aventing
  8. Balance of the World
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26 Feb, 2019 17:23

Excellent article as always. Somehow I forgot to press the like button during WorldEmber, but that minor error has been taken care of. I love that you have multiple interpretations of the book, it makes the religions seem more realistic. Also, the creation story was fantastic!   The tenets of Arkna did get my noggin joggin'.   "Do not kill innocents." - But what about war? Are soldiers not innocents or do people find ways of justifying war-related violence? "Do not meddle with the passage of time." - What does that even mean :O Have I missed or forgotten about a juicy article that explains this? "Do not act as if you are worth more than others." - How does this affect the thinking of leaders and intellectuals who are more useful to society than a random street urchin? Would a brilliant scholar who tries his best to follow the tenets sacrifice their own life to save less valuable members of society?   Keep up the great work! I always look forward to more of your articles :D

28 Feb, 2019 15:58

Thank you so much for the comment Dhel!   The rule on the innocent is not elaborated further in the book. Many have come to see civilians who have not hurt others as innocent and they don't believe that soldiers fall in that category as everyone knows that during a war, it is often soldiers who rampage.   The "do not meddle with time" is directed at powerful magic users, in case some crazy powerful dude decides he wants to travel to the future.   It does not affect most leaders as they tend to see themselves as Arkna's chosen ones to make sure everyone else is safe, but some follow this. This is often seen in the southern continent were the rules regarding how to treat royalty differs from what is expected in Edrea. Someone following the tenets down to every word would save anyone, whatever the cost :D