Queen Cerilyn

Queen Cerilyn Aslann

The Queen took her hands and held them tightly. She smiled at her as if to say that everything would be okay. Zuree looked at her mother, the smile didn't reach her eyes. She was just as nervous as Zuree.


Cerilyn was only 19 years of age when the marriage to King Lamont was carried out. The marriage had been arranged from when she was only a young girl, it was out of political reasons and not love. Cerilyn's father was one of the lords who had been unhappy with the kingdom for a while and to make sure no trouble arose, she was chosen to be queen. It also helped that she had southern blood in her veins. Her grandmother hailed from Mailessi and was one of the princesses.

She arrived at The Castle of Lions with her three maids and one of her father's councilmen. She and Lamont only met around five times before the wedding and were practically strangers. She didn't want to go through with the marriage, but she did it for her parents sake.

She gave birth to Zuree a year after being crowned. Though she never loved the king as a partner, she loved her daughter with all of her heart. The two are close and can talk about most things, were Zuree and her father only spoke about state matters.

The king and queen tried to make more heirs, in case something happened to their daughter. But after her first pregnancy, Cerilyn didn't get pregnant again. They tried for years and when Zuree was 4, she finally got pregnant. But things took a turn for the worse when she lost the baby few months before she was supposed to give birth. The child was dead when it was delivered. Cerilyn had a tough year after that were she didn't leave the castle or do more than the least expected. With the help of a few maids and talks with doctors, she started feeling better. She often imagines what could have been. They tried again when Zuree was about 6 years old, but she never got pregnant. That left them with only one heir.



Through the years, the king has been the most prominant person in Edrea. Many queens have been forgotten and only the kings are hailed after their death. But when Cerilyn became queen that attitude changed. Lamont, Cerilyn and Zuree are all symbols of the Kingdom of Edrea now, and Cerilyn is loved by the people in a way that King Lamont has never been. This has caused tension between the two of them, but Lamont became more accepting through the years and have accepted that his wife is popular amongst the people.

She is known for being wise and kind, she has helped the unfortunate multiple times by gathering uneaten food from the castle and having her servants give it to the citizens that lived in the slums of Bechlea. She treats her maids and servants well and it is a well known fact in Edrea.


Personality and Behaviour

Cerilyn is a kind and patient person, but when people are being unfair or ruthless she doesn't just watch. She often speaks out against Lamont, though mostly in their private quarters as he hates being embarresed in front of the court. She is very motherly and loves talking to Zuree about everything, she is a really good listener when someone needs her help.


She is easily overwhelmed and handles stressing situations pretty bad. She has a habit of either leaving the room under an argument or simply telling the other person to shut up. She might be a good listener when others need help but if you criticize her she will not hear any of it and she will argue against it all.


Queen Cerilyn


Towards King Lamont

King Lamont


Towards Queen Cerilyn

Year of Birth
748 AK 39 Years old
King Lamont (spouse)
Dark brown
Curly and deep brown
1,66 cm
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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Character Portrait image: by Ninne124


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R3negade X
R3negade X
2 Dec, 2018 02:18

I do like how much thought you've put into this character, not to mention the very nice artwork of her! It could use a little bit of polish here and there, but overall it's very nice! What kind of role is this character going to play in your story, I wonder?

2 Dec, 2018 10:38

Thank you for the comment :D Can I ask if there's anything specific that needs to be corrected? (grammar wise)   To answer your question, she's important but won't be a direct part of the main narrative for the most of the book. But sometimes a chapter will be dedicated to show what is happening around her and with her.

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2 Dec, 2018 03:04

I feel like your character is relatable - well done! She has struggles, objectives, griefs, and joys in her life. I also like your banner image at the top of this article. It's simple, but it helps pull the overall appearance together, and the gold colour adds a regal touch.   On the note of stillbirth, unfortunately, I have quite a few friends who are mothers of stillborn babies or who have lost their babies as infants. You state "Cerilyn has never really gotten over her still-born son." I don't think anybody really expects that somebody will get over the death of their child. It's a part of a mother that never goes away. What it can do is shift in the way it manifests. Mothers can come to terms with the loss of their baby, certainly. Doing so doesn't take away the pain, but can grant peace. It can grant the fortitude to be able to talk about it without crying every time. I feel like you have an understanding from the rest of your text how weighty this can be, but that particular line felt a little bit like rushing her grief.   Great character!

2 Dec, 2018 10:35

Thank you so much for the comment! I can see how that sentence is off, I will fix it.     The banner is made by Vertixico (he's also on WA) if you go to the link you can get a whole set for free of you're interested :D

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2 Dec, 2018 08:17

Great character! That one simple flaw really adds a lot to her and makes her relatable and more human. I don't really have anything to complain about. The article is well written and your art is always nice.   How does the succession in the Kingdom of Edrea work? If her son hadn't died, would he have been the rightful heir like in medieval Europe, or would the oldest child, regardless of their sex, been the heir to the throne?

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2 Dec, 2018 10:39

Thank you Dhelian, I try to make my characters less "perfect" in a sense, so I am happy that you think it is working out :)   The oldest child would generally get the throne, but often the girls are preassured into giving the succesion right to their brothers.

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2 Dec, 2018 09:09

Forgot to ask, but how do you name your characters? Do you just make something up or are the names inspired by real-world cultures?

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2 Dec, 2018 10:41

I often make the character first and then give them names based on their nationality and heritage (within the borders of my world of course)   I take slight inspiration from the real world (when it comes to the phonetics of the names) but often I just name them whatever I think matches them personality wise :)

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The combination of traits and especially flaws really make your character seem like *real people* in a way I've seen very few others pull of on WA. They're some of the most human character articles up here <3   It's cool too how she turned the king-queen thing on its head!   What are her hobbies? What does she do with her days? :) And what did she do before coming to the kingdom and the king? Details like that could help really flesh her out even more, just little things like "what does she do on a slow day?" (especially since she can't just go to youtube or WA like me).   Would her reputation suffer if her flaws became more public?

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2 Dec, 2018 10:46

Thank you so much for the nice comment Q! I must say I don't know how to answer to such praise, I'm just happy you like the work I'm doing <3   I will add a small section about her hobbies and such soon, it would be sad if the poor woman had nothing to do than entertain the king.   I think her reputation would suffer slightly, but the king's would suffer more. They already love her, so if it get's out, the people would think that someone has to do something horrible in order to get the queen to react like that.

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Fantastic artwork! I love the contrast of the dialoge quote and the main body of text, too. How did she feel about the arranged marriage? Is it a regular custom for this culture or just for nobility?

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2 Dec, 2018 12:24

Thank you TJ! She wasn't exactly thrilled about it but she knew that was how it was going to be. She had been told that since she was a child.   It's fairly common within the richer circles. The more powerful the family, the more the parents want to make sure their offspring finds a suitable and strategic partner.

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