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The Aslann Family

The Edrean Royal Family

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With heads raised high and a roar of might,   the Aslanns lead, protect and fight.
— A common line found in many nursery rimes.

The Founder of the Aslanns

The founder of the Aslanns was a man of the name Chren, he was said to be a descender of one of the people who built The Shrine of Aralican. Chren came from a rather wealthy trading family, but the family was nothing more than that. They were known as the Sellers. Chren broke loose from the family, he wanted more for their area, the most eastern parts Morlea had few leaders compared to the middle east parts and the western areas. Many small villages tended to war with one another as well as with the Iwachi. Bandits of both human and Iwachi descent terrorized the area as well and most other lords turned their heads and did nothing to help as the guild of bandits had an impressive man-count and didn't hesitate with killing if they met any resistance.   Chren was given a large sum of money from his family before he set out to change the world. He built a wall around Bech and hired guards to patrol as well as recruit an army to combat the bandit scourge. His effort did little in the beginning, the wall was ruined while it was constructed many times and some guards were killed. But his efforts made the people rally around him and they set out to combat the bandits armed to the teeth with weapons bought by Chren.   After some years the bandits were driven away and Chren and his family were hailed as heroes, mostly the young Chren though. He got the nickname of the Eastern Lion. The citizens of the area that Chren now protected were grateful and they named him the leader of Bech. This title was later converted into Lord and Chren decided to translate his nickname into the old language and called himself Chren Aslann, which carried on to his children and became the family name.  
Zuree's father was chosen as the successor of the King as his grandchild and for his work to secure the peace after riots threatened to break the fragile truce between Ildres and Edrea.


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  The Aslanns have lead Edrea since the day of its founding. That means they have been the Kings and Queens of Edrea for almost 800 years.  
The Kingdom of Edrea
Organization | Jul 3, 2019

A Kingdom inhabited by humans, lies on the isle/continent of Morlea.

Conflicts and Alliances

Edrea areas
The area of Bech grew under the leadership of Chren. The area was surprisingly wealthy after the bandits had been dealt with and the citizens were no longer robbed of their resources. Most agreed to pay taxes so that the protective measures could be upheld in Bech. But trouble started growing between the Bech area and their neighbors in Olcha. The Lord of Olcha wanted to expand his land and was threatening the safety of the citizens of Bech as well as the other areas around them. Chren made alliances with the Lord of Relden and the Lord of Salengent. This was unknown to the Lord of Olcha. He tried to press the other Lords around him into giving him land without the need to war over it, he did this by cutting off their access to the the Shrine of Aralican so that they couldn't go there to unlock magic. This could have proven to be a big problem for Chren and the people of Bech, as they didn't have a shrine yet themselves. But Lord Pallem of Relden sent over a group of talented shrine builders and helped Bech out.
  When Olcha had nothing to bargain with, they realized that the only way to expand was to invade and conquer the other areas. Lord Fredlek of Olcha had sized up the other areas around him and had deemed the newest Lord to be the least stable and the easiest to overthrow. What he hadn't considered was that not only did Relden support Bech but so did Salengent. Salengent had bigger armies than Olcha, they were direct neighbors and had been prepared for war at any time. Bech had supplied Salengent with wood since their alliance started and Salengent chose to repay that by stationing a portion of their best troops near the border of Bech and Olcha.  
The Olcharian forces were met with heavy resistance from the local people as well as the Salengenten troops and were forced to retreat. Lord Fredlek tried multiple times to invade around lying territory, but he was stopped each time. The conflict ended when he was overthrown by his own people and a new Lord took over.   Other conflicts were seen in the most human part of Morlea, but Bech, Relden, and Salengent stayed allies through it all. The three families ended out strengthening their alliances through marriage. Most notably was Chren's daughter Elima who went and became the Lady of Salengent.

The founding of Edrea

Edrea was founded in the year 0 AK, the first king was King Chren Aslann the second, who was the great-grandson of Lord Chren. The kingdom of Edrea was first an alliance and later became an official kingdom. The reason the Lords joined forces was that of the increasing number of attacks from the Iwachi against many of the western human areas. The lords came together when it was decided that all of the Lords were in favor of founding the Kingdom. A vote determined Chren II to be the first king of Edrea, all but one Lord voted for him (except himself as well).

Family Tree

Notable Members

Lord Chren

The first lord of Bech. Direct ancestor of King Kelan, King Lamont, Xavier and Zuree.  

King Kelan

The man who was king of Edrea before King Lamont, whom is his grandchild. Kelan and Lamont worked to keep the peace when riots threatened the fickle peace between The Kingdom of Edrea and The Country of Ildres.    

King Lamont

The current King of Edrea. He is a confident and steady king who never wavers and knows how to keep the lords in line and ensure that another war doesn't break out between the humans and Iwachi. Married to Queen Cerilyn and father to Zuree. Grandchild and direct successor of King Kelan.  


Zuree is the current Crown Princess of Edrea. She is 17 years of age and is an only child. She's very into archery and is also readying herself so that she can one day take over the Kingdom and lead as well as her father. Daughter of Queen Cerilyn and King Lamont.  


A current prince of Edrea. The younger brother of King Lamont and uncle to Zuree. He's a very down to earth person and does not dabble as much in politics as his brother.

Family tree

The Current Aslanns

      The current living Aslanns in power consists of King Lamont, Zuree and Xavier as well as Queen Cerilyn who has come in to the family by marriage.   Zuree is the only heir as the king and queen never managed to get another child and since Xavier never found a partner so that another possible lineage of heirs became available. The top priority for Lamont is to keep Zuree alive. He is worried that the Aslann reign will end with him or his brother if Zuree dies. He does everything he can to maintain the peace between Ildres and Edrea, even though he dislikes the Iwachi.   Queen Cerilyn is the daughter of one of the lords, specifically the lord of Qurion. She is also the descendant of a Mailessi queen. She is one fourth Southern and three fourths Northern.   Xavier is a lot closer with Zuree than her father, due to his more laid back attitude. He tends to take a step back whenever it comes to politics and is more of a mascot for the royal house than anything else. He is very informed though and acts as one of Lamont's main advisers if he is needed.

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