The Shrine of Aralican

The magical center of Morlea

Written by ninne124

The shrine of Aralican remains as the only shrine in Edrea that has not been destroyed during the First and the Second War of the Greats. The shrine's location is unknown by most, it's shrouded in mists and is said to be deep within the forest of Lihan, where few dare to wander. Though some have tried, no one has returned from their journey.


The entirety of the structure is rather large, but the most important part is the Olchari which consists of a round stone floor with a water filled hole in the middle. Around the circular stoneslab there is five pillars. The disc and the pillars are made of white marble. On the pillar in the middle the symbol Pra is carved into the stone. This symbol means magic and was generally found at all known magical locations until most were destroyed under the war.   It might not seem big from a distance, but one pillar is the height of 3 adult men. In the water pool one could fit a small family consisting of two parents and a child, though it might be a bit squished depending on the size of the individuals.  

Map of the Shrine

This is a map of the grounds seen from above. In the top left corner is the Olchari. In the upper right corner the groundkeepers house can be seen, it is vacant as the former groundkeeper died of old age, and since the shrine has dissapeared, no one can find it and the shrine cannot get a new groundkeeper. In the bottom left corner one can see the Pillar of the Goners, this is where people leave something for their dead ones. In the bottom right corner the entrance and the bridge over the river Nax can be seen.


This was once the center of the magic users, here people went to get their family healed or to see if they themselves possessed any form of power. Here people would gather once a year to remember the ones who had been and to bless the ones who had come since the last time. The land itself is magic, and to special children, the shrine would bless them with a mark.  

Traditions of the Shrine

The two traditions found in both Ildres and Edrea were the Aventning and the Transerion.   The Aventing The Aventing always happenes on the day of the fullmoon in the 6th month of the year. Every newborn is brought to the Shrine in a big gathering and children are dipped in the waters of the Olchari and if they possess any magic the Pra on the center pillar will glow. If the water glow however, it means that the land has chosen to bless the child with a mark.   The Transerion The Transerion is held on the night of the new moon in the 11th month every year. People who have lost someone close to them gather and hold a ceremoney in front of the Pillar of the Goners. Some people throw flowers into the water, and it is said that when they whither the dead have passed over safely.  

The Dissaperance of the Shrine of Alcaran

When the war came, everyone turned against each other, Iwachi against Humans. The shrine was soon lost, not because people abandoned it, but because the shrine chose to be forgotten. Other shrines like it though less powerfull, were destroyed. Both on Iwachi territory and on human territory, both species were afraid that the others would use the powers under the war to cause furhter damage to the surroundings.


  • Map of the Shrine of Aralican
    This map shows the entirety of the Shrine of Alcaran from above.
Parent Location
Related Tradition (Primary)
Magic Rune by Ninne124
The rune Pra located on the center pillar in the shrine is the rune of magic. It is said to reveal magic in the land as well as in gifted individuals.  


The Olchari is the main structure in the Shrine of Aralican. It is where the children born withing the latest year are taken to possibly get the blessings of the earth as well as reveal whether or not they have any magic potentiel. If they do have magic potentiel they should be taken back around their 17th birthday and then the magic will reveal itself.  

The Pillar of the Goners

This is where people gather to remember the ones who died within the latest year. Usually flowers are thrown in the water to give the dead energy to cross. When the flowers die, some say that the dead have drained the energy and have made it safely to the other side.

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