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Transerion is held on the night of the new moon in the 11th month and is usually held at The Shrine of Aralican though others go to their local Shrine is they do not have the opportunity to travel the long way in the hars climate of the Laicha Mountain Range.

The tradition is to honour and mark the passing of those who passed away since the last transerion was held.


The traditon started when the first humans and Iwachi who were shown how to build the shrines by the magic of the earth. After the completion of the first Shrine (the Shrine of Aralican) it is said that the group of people had a collective vision of how it the Transerion and the Aventing was supposed to take place. This was written on stone pillars at the shrine. The pillars have since been ruined but the information was written down in books instead.


It is believed that the deceased's energy remains in the world of the living until the transerion can take place. The people who have lost gather around the part of the shrine called the Pillar of the Goners. Usually others show up to to pay respects to the others. The people who show up bring flowers or plants with them, these are placed in the Pool of the Goners. The water has been enchanted long ago so that the pool acts as a connection between the living world and the world of energy where the energy of the dead ones seek to go.

The energy of the flowers are sucked into the pool and the gateway opens for the dead ones. This cannot be observed with the naked eye, but one can see the effects as all of the plants wither within minutes of the ritual starting. The water glows gently as well.

After the passing has taken place, the families gather and tell stories of their loved ones. They light many fires as it is cold that time of year and everyone stays up until morning. When the sun is up and it has gotten warmer, people sleep for a couple of hours before taking the journey home.

If the transerion is completed at the local shrines, the same is done, except with no bonfires. They sit on the benches that are usually placed in the middle of the shrines, then they each go their own way at the first sign of daylight.

Not to be confused with Transerion - Flos Aqenton, which evolved from this tradition.
Related Location
The Shrine of Aralican

Compontents and Tools

  • Flowers or plants
  • A Pool of the Goners


  • Families of people who died within the last year.
  • Others who want to pay their respects.
  On this night, everyone is the same. It is not uncommon that lords show up. It has happened multiple times that the royal family has attended after a loss but it is custom to treat them as equals. Everyone shows up in the same style of clothing, no crowns and no facny robes are present.

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