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Fri Apr 27th - Thu May 10th

Sacred Site

Tell us about a sacred site within your world!
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The Parthenon, The Last Homely House, Dagobahs Swamps, all of these locations elicit a feeling of awe from the peoples of their worlds. Places steeped in history in the case of the Parthenon, or the home of one of the most powerful mages in the world with Orthanc. Each world has its share of sacred sites either ancient ruins or centres of power, in this challenge we invite you to tell us about a sacred site in your world...

The Brief

Tell us about a sacred site within your world!   We would like to know about a sacred site somewhere in your world! It could be anything from a circle of standing stones, a religious building or even a natural wonder!   We would like to know:
  • Where can the sacred site be found?
  • Who visits this site and what traditions surround it?
  • How did this site become so sacred?


  First of all, if you DON'T have a World Anvil Account CREATE ONE NOW - it's FREE!   Simply create an article and click on the button on the right side of your article's EDIT page to submit the entry. The entry will be listed on this page along with all other entries taking part in the competition.

Standard League Winner
Malkuthe Highwind

Premier League Winner




Everyone taking part in the competition will receive the Competitor's badge on their profile.   The Winner of the competition will be receiving the Winner Badge for the competition  

Specialized Prize

The winner of the challenge will ALSO receive a gift from the World Anvil team specifically thought out/designed based who they are, and what we feel will help them in their World Building, Writing or Roleplaying efforts.

Competition Rules

  • Submit only one article using the most appropriate template for your entry
  • The article's creation date should be after the start date of the competition
  • Do not stray far from the subject of the competition. The entries will be judged based on that.
  • Have a question about the criteria or rules? Ask an Enchanter in the World Anvil Discord

Submission Timescale

Start Date : 28th April 2018 20:00 (UTC+1)
End Date : 10th May 2018 23:59 (UTC+1)
Don't miss out! Set an alarm or use a countdown timer!  


Each competition is judged based on two weighted criteria
  1. The number of Favourites / Hearts the article has received.
  2. Followed by the internal voting of the Community Managers (Also known as Enchanters)
The more hearts you get on your article, the higher your chances of winning are! Share your article on social media and show your friends your amazing work!  

Winner Announcement

The winner will be announced during our Celebratory Twitch stream on Saturday, 12th of May and via the World Anvil Announcements.

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