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Shadow Malachi

Robert Kane | Member Since 17 Dec, 2017
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20 May, 2019 03:43

Thank you for liking my IS article. :)

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@ David_Ulph
David Alexander
15 May, 2019 18:00

Hey dude, Mango from Discord here, loved what I read of your world so far and honestly worth following!

@ Shadow Malachi
Robert Kane
15 May, 2019 18:45

Thank you!

23 Oct, 2018 07:25

Thanks for the follow and the like! ^-^ Glad you like it :)

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22 Oct, 2018 07:55

Hope you're doing well, buddy

23 Jul, 2018 20:21


23 Jul, 2018 20:07

Hey, thanks for doing all those community spotlights and all the enchanter stuff. You're awesome! :D

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