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Member Since: 8 Nov, 2017

Creating a tabletop rpg from scratch, I have finished building the game system and works now on the lore. I have lied in my previous sentence, it's kind of finished, it's playable, I might change the rules, it will surely happen, I do it sometimes, every 3 months, maybe more, but trust me it's playable!

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3 May, 2018 08:24

Happy awesome birthday Mr. A - You are an amazing dude and we love you :D

3 May, 2018 08:49

Thank you my good sir! You and Janet both are amazing too!

3 May, 2018 08:32

Happy Birthday Arka! May your beard stay glorious and your tankard of inspiration be ever-full!

3 May, 2018 08:48

Damn, I wanted to shave my beard, I can't now :D Thanks <3

3 May, 2018 08:38

Happy Birthday!

3 May, 2018 08:49

Thank you very much!

3 May, 2018 08:59

The winds howl, The storms roar, The element of Air itself celebrates the ascension of the deity To the Primordeal Titan We celebrate you on your special day! All hail the Birthday Titan!

3 May, 2018 09:05

Thank you my comrade deity! may the water be wet and the ice cold!

3 May, 2018 09:00

Happy birthday Glorious Titan of the Anvil. May you have a wonderful birthday fit for a titan of the anvil. May you have a glorious day on this day of your birthday. You are a wonderful titan and may this day bring you great inspiration !

3 May, 2018 09:04

Thank you young spark of the Anvil! You shall be granted the blessing of the Storm and become a powerful and bright lightning

3 May, 2018 09:33

Happy birthday, you awesome fiend of loveliness! May your beard badgers be ever benevolent and fierce :) <3

3 May, 2018 11:45

hahaha! Thank you dear goddess of cats and crazyness!

3 May, 2018 12:53

I can't French so plan B.   Mornin', Master! I heard you're turning a year less young today, I hope you enjoy becoming old and ragged and crappy and smelly! We love you the same and you're the onl...BEST Titan and Master I could ask for. Have a bon anniversaire et etc etc etc cake cookies presents let's pretend I sent you something here, ok? Pretty words here, pretty words there, I love you my fav Franchie ever, become older and wiser but not much smellier for many, many years :3   (Have fun today!)

3 May, 2018 12:57

Hahaha best message ever. We french get better as we age, like cheese and wine. But forget about the smelling part of the aging cheese, we don't have that :p

3 May, 2018 13:39

In French they would say Bon anniversaire.   In Aria, we custom build a Generic Template and say Happy Birthday.

3 May, 2018 13:40

Damn phone autocorrecting my perfect message...

3 May, 2018 14:42

hahaha you meant in Arka? :D Thanks Barrel, generic template for the win

3 May, 2018 14:57

May your day be as nice as your face, may your life be as lovely as your writing. Happy Birthday, man.

3 May, 2018 15:12

Thank you friend! Thanks for the gift this morning :D

3 May, 2018 16:18

Happy Birthday Arka, may there be many more fabuleux, années chic (I hope I did that right)

3 May, 2018 16:23

Thanks, very close :p I got it hahaha

4 May, 2018 05:46

Am I late? Anyway....Happy Bday to you, happy Bday to you, happy Bday dear Arka, happy Bday to you! ( )

4 May, 2018 07:26

Thanks friend!

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