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Member since: 8 Nov, 2017

Creating a tabletop rpg from scratch, I have finished building the game system and works now on the lore. I have lied in my previous sentence, it's kind of finished, it's playable, I might change the rules, it will surely happen, I do it sometimes, every 3 months, maybe more, but trust me it's playable!


[h2][FR][/h2] Aardheim est un monde brisé, un champs de bataille entre dieux, princes démons et autres entités célestes.[br] Dans ce chaos régnant, des civilisations ont vu le jours, ont conquis magie et technologie, sont arrivées à leur apogée....

Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, High Magic Horror Medieval Post Apocalyptic


to test features and try to break Dimitris's work (Sorry pal, it's for your own good :D ) ----- Please create a note with the description of the bug and how it happened if you can. Something like: I had an article crash with error 500....

Adult 18+ Alternative History Ancient Atompunk Biopunk

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