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Norcrest Temple

A Temple of Creation



Originally created in honour of Devishtari. Due to the age of the temple and the small villages surrounding it, it isn't as grand as other temples near larger communities. Regardless, the beings of Norcrest put forth great effort into building this specific temple.

  During its time of use, this temple was a site of great positivity and warmth. Both community members and strangers passing by Norcrest were welcome, and it was not uncommon to see a Priestess of Devi open the doors during inclement weather to shield passersby.



The Norcrest temple of Devishtari was abandoned suddenly at the start of the Bloodkeeper-Human war, due to how close the forest was to the temple's site. It was considered too close to the demons, and as a result was abandoned for the people's safety.

Only the temple staff stayed behind, claiming that they had a duty to uphold to keep the temple in good shape until people could return. However, the bloodkeepers' territory grew and they were forced out. It was left untended for years, growing covered in dust.

Temple Retaken

After the Bloodkeeper-Human war, this temple was targetted for defacement by neighbouring bloodkeepers. However, in a report made by the group of bloodkeepers that had gone to ruin it...

[...] Within it was a heavy, powerful energy made the more magic sensitive bloodkeepers unwell, many of us felt sick to our stomachs.

Sitting on a ruined chair meant for a preacher behind a broken altar, was a strange bloodkeeper with fur as black as pitch. I remember being stunned by the snow white mane draped along their shoulders, something I had never seen before. When we approached, the unknown entity looked up, red sclera and black slits staring into our souls.

There were no markings to find, no tribe sigils sewn into their clothes. They moved like a ghost, circling our crew. A yellow edged scrap of paper within a leatherback notebook. The rest of the page is ripped, splattered with a dark ink.


The Site of a Divine

It is whispered in many different myths and legends, that Devishtari stepped foot in this temple and created a god. The means varies depending on who is telling the story; sometimes it is said that she created them out of the spilled blood of bloodkeepers and non-demons that lay on the temple floor, others claim she took a chunk of the night sky, infused it with her heavenly powers, and thrust it upon a random bloodkeeper.

The stories all vary, but one thing stays the same: Devishtari created this silent watcher - Silence - to lead the bloodkeepers in her stead, and that the Norcrest temple was their birthplace.

  In present time, the temple is dedicated to Silence, and as a result, almost all of the beings that come to visit are bloodkeepers from nearby tribes. However, the creation of Silence is a huge drawing point and other tribes spanning from Tundra to Desert are known to travel to this sacred place.


Observed Traditions and Ceremonies

A chalice of blood - from a humane and sporting hunt - is always placed on the altar as an offering to Silence and is replaced often, before it can spoil. The darkest-furred bloodkeeper is considered the Voice of Silence and, in all ceremonies taking place within the temple, they are the ones to make sure any offerings to Silence are untainted and safe.

  There are retellings of the Creation of Silence, along with sharing details of the War so that no bloodkeeper will forget the sacrifices and loss that their ancestors went through.



Surrounded by a wide forest and beds of flowers, the temple is modest in size compared to those found in major cities. Four pillars made of marbled stone hold up its sizable roof, creating an entrance layered in shade. Doors of oak greet temple-goers, a hint of warmth against cold stone.

  The exterior pillars and roof have become wreathed in vines and their leaves, creating an intricate pattern. The pattern continues along the roof and part of the sides, though it is trimmed to avoid covering the windows.  


With stunning stained glass windows and moderately high ceilings, the Norcrest Temple of Silence is a dazzling display of light beams and colour that dance along the simple cobblestone floor. A large stone pillar stands in each corner, holding the building up, their powerful presence complimenting the more modest wooden rafters that cross along the roof.

Three cloth tapestries grace the front of the temple, with the center one being far larger than the other two and emblazoned with Silence's symbol. An offering to the God rests below on a simple altar of cotton and silk. Plain but expertly crafted wooden benches grace the building in two columns which face the altar, that go back almost to the entrance.


Prior to The Bloodkeeper War

The Norcrest Temple of Devishtari was a small building, where frequent ceremonies took place. People from the surrounding villages would come to take part in sermons that cover Devishtari's folklore and general belief system.

It was well maintained by a group of devotees, along with a Priestess of Devi. The temple was considered very small, but a prime example of how temples did not need to be large to succeed in their purpose.

After the Bloodkeeper War

Left abandoned due to its proximity to bloodkeeper territory, it was a prime target for defacement. After the war, bloodkeepers abandoned following Devishtari, and would desecrate any of her temples that were on their land.

In an attempt to deface this temple, a small group of bloodkeepers came upon a being that came to be known as Silence. From that point on, it was converted into a temple in their honour; all traces of tapestry and iconography of Devishtari were destroyed and replaced. It is considered an extremely sacred site as this is the location where their God has set foot.
Norcrest, Juptmou
Temple / Church
Current Religious Affiliation
Prior Religious Affiliation

A visual representation of the temple and it's surroundings.


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  • Creation
    Norcrest Temple of Devishtari
    Construction beginning/end

    The Norcrest Temple of Devishtari is built.

    More reading
    Norcrest Temple
  • Plentiful Gatherings & Ceremonies
    A Beacon of Community
    Gathering / Conference

    The Temple begins to be used, becoming a landmark to the village and a local gathering center.

    More reading
    Norcrest Temple
  • Blood Spilled Battlefields
    The Bloodkeeper-Human War
    Military action

    An incident among human and bloodkeepers sparks a war between the demons and humans. A brief introduction.

    More reading
    Norcrest Temple
  • Left to the Dust
    Norcrest Temple of Devishtari Abandoned

    Due to the Bloodkeeper-Human War, attempts to keep the temple running are abandoned.

    More reading
    Norcrest Temple
  • Bloodshed Ceases
    Bloodkeeper-Human War Ends
    Military action

    The Bloodkeeper-Human War finally ends, after years of fighting and death.

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    Norcrest Temple
  • The Birth of A God
    Life, Birth

    The Bloodkeeper God Silence is born within the Norcrest Temple.

    More reading
    Norcrest Temple
  • A Temple Retaken
    Temple of Devishtari No More
    Gathering / Conference

    The Norcrest Temple of Devishtari is taken over by bloodkeepers after the discovery of their god and expansion of their territory.

    More reading
    Norcrest Temple


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