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SIGMAR's Temple

The SIGMAR's Temple is located on the north coast between the Principality of Rande and the Outpost of the Baram Alliance.   It is a holy place where one preaches the SIGMAR's cult. Built in the year 11 999, it is not the theater of marriage, baptism or other classical religious ceremony. It is above all a refuge and a hospital for the victims of the war. It is also the place where the bodies of all the Alliance of Baram fighters are cremated before their souls are sent to Myrieth, another plan created by The visionary.


In the months following its creation, visitors were mostly poor hope-seeking people. So to increase the affluence, it was decided that this place would be neutral and that the wounded would be treated there. As a member of Elvenguard, The visionary took advantage of a problem to put forward the temple. Since the dead were numerous, it was customary to cremate them and to dispose of the remains. The visionary then proposed to make under the temple a mausoleum that would welcome the remains of the cremated dead. Thanks to his powers, he was able to easily ensure that the catacombs were never full without spreading huge distances in view of the large number of dead.   The visitors to the temple then became more numerous and diverse: wounded including soldiers from all sides, families of deceased, doctors and over time various specialists who brought with them other possibilities. The temple was expanded many times to the point where a city was formed by itself. A city for a temple that welcomes the dead and wounded, "it's weird" would say anyone. But what must be remembered is that the SIGMAR's cult was the reason for this place and so you should know that the activities in this city were based on the writings of the Sum and the words of The visionary. Thus, this city which was called simply Temple City, became a large sector of activities firstly medical then educative and scientific. There are therefore hospitals including the Medical-Mechanical center, schools such as the School of Healing or especially the Academy of Sciences and Interracial Ideological Cultures (the ASCII school). As a neutral ground, it is strictly forbidden to make rechers or to create weapons. Fights are prohibited except in the context of the ASCII school.   After The Fallen , divine beings have rarely appeared among the Commons and the Angels can not descend from Yggdrasil. But the SIGMAR's Temple and its cult aroused the curiosity of some of them. Many follow the progress of The visionary and his projects. Thus, with the turning point of the SIGMAR's cult, some recognized that The visionary deserved his nickname "Saint Eierin" and decided to make a gesture to reward him. Unable to come by themselves were the members of Gregory who were entrusted with the task of sanctifying the place in 12 025. The 11th day of the month of Carmen then became the day of the Celestial Festival.

A safe place

In addition to being equipped with modern technology, the Temple is a point of magical power due to sanctification. That is, essence flows are more powerful and accelerate regeneration. But the city is actually a giant magic circle created by The visionary with the World Anvil to enchant the place. The purpose of this magic is simple: to prohibit violence. Nobody can threaten, rape, kill anyone. No monster can enter the city and weapons are confiscated at the entrance.
SIGMAR's cult banner
Temple / Church


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I never thought of Minecraft as a worldbuilding tool before, I like it. This is a well-written article!

May 15, 2018 02:39

I never thought of Minecraft as a worldbuilding tool before, I like it. This is a well-written article!

May 15, 2018 02:39

I never thought of Minecraft as a worldbuilding tool before, I like it. This is a well-written article!

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