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Principality of Rande

Also called the League of Free Cities. Currently led by Prince Dellarosa, the Principality of Rande is a neutral area. Although it does not participate in the war against Theocracy of Homeca, it welcomes refugees of all races fleeing the conflicts or just wanting to settle there. It has always been neutral since its inception and operates on a society based on cohabitation with other species. Although it is more rare to meet Elves, Dwarves or Werebeasts, there are a multitude of Half Humans who integrate thanks to the Inter-Species Exchange Program (The P.I.E.). Because of the misfortune that has fallen upon the world, Azazel and his confreres joined forces with Dellarosa to develop the defence of this haven of peace. With the contribution of all races, the Principality of Rande is a consistent military power that can fight back easily now, in addition to benefiting from a strategic location.


  • Principalty of Rande
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