Banished by Norma for insubordination after arresting Ddraig and Albion, he left the summit of Yggdrasil with several other angels, including Baraquiel. Today he is the head of fallen angels, but not all of them submit to his will. He reigns with Dellarosa over the Principality of Rande. To help his companions and bring order to the earth, he created Gregory. He loose his left arm against Adriel, when this one refused to join his organization. However, he replaced his missing arm by a technological one.   Because he now has a political role, he always takes a human form so as not to disturb his interlocutors.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Azazel is a collector, he studies everything he finds and perfects his own machines. With time, he became the best of the engineers in cyber-robotics.
Azazel in human form
Aligned Organization