Also known as the Angelic Gods of Eden.
Created by Norma to serve her, the angels are devoted to her. This is their reason for living and they are the only ones who can give them orders. They take care of his service, his maintenance. They have a hierarchy divided into three orders: First-degree hierarchy   It represents God in its externalized perfections: ardent love, lively light, unalterable holiness. The man is in constant contact with it.   Seraphim. Their name means warmth and light. They are inflamed with the love of God to the highest degree. Their primary purpose is the purification and dissipation of darkness and doubts. Their main quality is love. The Cherubim. Their name means wisdom and science. They are able to show God those who doubt. Their virtue is science. The thrones. Their name means that they are the bearers of divine justice. They are completely deaf to all human temptation. They are God's voice to men. Their virtue is humility.   Hierarchy of the second degree   It represents God in his sovereignty over creatures: limitless power, irresistible strength, immutable justice. It is at the price of effort that the human being can feel them. Dominations transmit God's commandments to the lower entities. They educate when doubt and discouragement set in. They are freed from passions, depravity and temptations. The virtues, they symbolize strength and vigour during a project undertaken. They reward the researcher in line with his objectives and who will go to the end of the process. They are invoked to restore strength and courage. The Powers, they work essentially to bring together divine influence and humankind. They show the people of the Church the way of their faith and protect them from doubt.   Third degree hierarchy   It represents God in his action outside: wise government, sublime revelations, constant testimonies of goodness. It escapes human reason, only holiness makes it possible to perceive them.   The Principalities, direct and enlighten angels and archangels. Their mission is to make a certain order reign over the Earth by their celestial intervention. They are guardians of divine secrecy and watch over its proper use.   The Archangels are the extraordinary messengers of God to men. Saint Thomas Aquinas places three archangels here: Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael.   1st Triad   Seraphim (the angels burning) Cherubim (the angels who are in the bestowal of wisdom) Thrones (the angels who are carriers of God)   2nd triad   Dominations (the angels who are in the momentum free from all servitude) Virtues (the angels who imitate the superessential Vertu) Powers (the angels who imitate the Divine Power)   3rd triad   Principalities (the angels who can convert to the Principle) Archangels (the angels who have the character of principles and angels)   If an angel falls from Yggdrasil, it becomes a fallen angel, unable to go back up.