Ilo is a relatively new country. Anzuro -The high lord of Ilozitha, started it's creation in 239BP after he had a vision of a disaster that was about to befall the people of Tenus. After Ilo's completion in 176BP it took flight and has been traveling over the planet at a slow pace (10km/h) since.   When Anzuro set out to build the island he told the world about his dream vision, even though it was well known that he was a psychic, few people believed him. At first he could only ask his own scientists for help until a small human kingdom agreed to help him. Gutia, the previous home of the first engineer to create the steam engine.   Before the disaster struck, the country of Ilo approved anyone who wanted to become a citizen if they let go of their previous nationality. Which means that Ilo has tried to integrate a lot of other species and ethnicities. How well they have succeeded is up for debate.   After the disaster struck the planet, the government of Ilo quickly stopped anyone from entering or leaving. Which makes Ilo the safest place on the planet. Many have tried to get aboard the island to flee the The infection but nobody has succeeded.   A growing group of people is traveling after Ilo, hoping and praying that they will be let aboard the island. Some even believe that traveling after the sacred island is what is protecting them from being taken by the infection.   A small, still unorganized, religion has started spreading in the group. With Anzuro as the prophet and Ilo as a psychical heaven.   The believers take part in personal prayers every morning and night. In the morning they pray that they will be picked to be taken aboard Ilo. At night they pray that the island will still be in the sky when they wake up in the morning.  


The island is an elongated oval shape and at around 450,000 km2, Ilo is bigger than Ilozitha was. Around 65% of Ilo's surface is covered in forests. The rest consists of artificial lakes, towns, cities and agricultural areas.   In the sky a forcefield is set up and kept by the Council of the Arken tower that will keep them updated on if somebody or something is entering the sky above Ilo. The council will dispatch hunters if its a bird or other animal or contact the guards if it's a vehicle.   Below the surface of the island is the steam train that is run by a civil service, Ilo Transport. They will take goods and people across the island in a speedy way.   Under the train the engineers work, keeping the island afloat and running. Around them guards and gunners work, protecting the outside of the bottom of the island from people trying to get inside.

Fauna & Flora

The local flora and fauna are similar to the old abandoned country of Ilozitha. As they brought much of the environment from there on to Ilo. Ilo have 71 different kinds of mammals, 3 different kinds of trees and several kinds of other animals and plants.

Mood music

Island, Floating
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5 million  


Elman 48%
Human 19%
Ogman 13%
Troman 11%
Soman 9%  
Female 45%
Male 42%
Other 13%


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