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Slurgh is a small village hidden in the mountain chain at the heart of the Western Republic. It's hard to get to even to Supernaturals, nearly impossible to put on a map, and massively deprived of material goods. Most people would thus be quick to dismiss it and questions its inclusion in the Ultimate History of Cardinality, however those characteristics are precisely what make Slurgh high desirable an sought after by one particular type of surpernatural: the Werewolves.   Slurgh is so remote only those most determined will ever pass through its gates. Slurgh is so small even satellite technology has trouble spotting it hiding in the mountain peaks. Slurgh is so poor (due to its remoteness) its inhabitants struggle to find food in the winter and to keep warm in the colder months.   But Slurgh offer what no other place does in the Western Republic: true freedom.   Slurgh is free of government officials branding werewolves and checking they wear visible identification wherever they go. Slurgh is free from humans who seek werewolves out just to humiliate them in public and spark public outcries from having to breath the same air as them. Slurgh is where those who do not fit anywhere else can, finally, find a home.   Although werewolves of the Western Republic do not have an organised religion as such (they are more likely to believe that whatever gods they once worshipped have since turned their backs to them), Slurgh is considered a quasi-mythical, sacred place to werewolves who are otherwise hopeless about their condition. The cold, isolated, inhospitable environment of the village is the closest thing they have to paradise. Because even the cold, isolated, inhospitable environment of Slurgh is a thousand times better than what they know for life in the Western Republic. And no one can put a price on freedom.


Everyone living here is a werewolf. The remoteness of the village makes it difficult for the government to control their lives. They welcome any werewolf that comes to them seeking help and freedom.


They are ruled by one clan of werewolves, who adopt anyone under their wings. The head of the family is chosen by clan elders to rule until their death, or until the elders judge they are no longer doing a good job.


The remoteness of the place and its harsh life conditions are its main defences. The fact that the place is packed with werewolves usually works as an extra layer of protection (due either to fear of the "beasts" or disgust for their existence).


Slurgh lacks some of the most basic infrastructure found everywhere else in the Western Empire. Most notably, they have no sewage system or pipelines for water and heating. Their houses are built of stone carved from the mountains in the full moon.


Slurgh was founded by a group of werewolves who were running away from the government. The revolution that installed the Republic in the Western Continent was underway, but power-hungry humans grew mistrustful of Supernaturals, particularly those who looked so much like them that they could pass for humans too. Werewolves were being violently persecuted and expelled from their homes as the new rulers looked for ways to assert their power and dominance over the new nation.   The story goes that the group of brave werewolves (the ancestors of the current ruling clan) went of a journey of a thousand days in order to find the perfect place for their new land of freedom. Half of the original group perished in the journey, but many more were born on the way, and even more were born during the first few years of the settlement.   Over the years, the legend of this land of freedom spread around the continent. It is now a symbol of hope to those who still suffer in the hands of the government, a dream that unites all werewolves in the continent.


Mountains. Mountains. Mountains. And some ice.

Around 200
Location under
Western Republic

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Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
13 May, 2018 18:39

Beautifully described settlement but I would love to know a bit more about WHY it's sacred to them ;)