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Werewolves are the supernaturals who suffer most institutional discrimination in the Western Republic . When they are bitten, regardless of age and circumstance, they receive a tattoo in their right arm that will identify them as such for the rest of their lives. All their identity documents are stamped with a giant red W, so that it is clearly visible to anyone who has to look at it.   Werewolves are forbidden to go to school or have any kind of formal education, the excuse being that all schools, being boarding schools, don’t have the structure to accommodate such dangerous creatures. So those werewolves who are not abandoned by their families end up being home-schooled, though it serves little purpose because they are not allowed to work on most jobs anyway.   Werewolves who are abandoned by their families (the majority of them) usually end up in shelters where they are locked up and severely neglected for the rest of their lives. The shelters have special facilities for the werewolves to transform during full moon, and until recently were the only places allowed to have such facilities. Werewolves who are left on the streets are either picked up by the police if they are feeling charitable and placed on a shelter or most likely killed. Killing a werewolf is not considered a crime.   Despite all government efforts, the werewolf population shows no sign of dwindling because there are some hidden werewolf clans who have as their life mission to turn as many humans as possible. They believe this is the only way to bring back their freedom.   A very recent law change brought by extensive campaign allowed werewolves to work only in places which provide adequate facilities for them. SEG is one such a place. Equality activists think that passing this law on the terms it did was possibly the worst thing humans could do to themselves – though they will never tell the poor creatures that. Humans believed this law would make them look like they cared a bit about Equality, but in fact would be an useless law because no one would go through the rigorous and lengthy process to get a licence to hire a werewolf. What they didn’t realise was that Equality activists would do all that and much more. This means that the only people employing werewolves are the people who are most able to teach them how to fight for their rights. Thus, soon werewolves will be in the perfect position to start their own revolution.   Werewolves in other parts of the world have more rights and protections. It's really the Western Republic that seems to have it out for them. Maybe it's because werewolves originated there.

500 years

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