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15 Aug, 2018 17:08

Hey there! Thanks for following my world! If you have any questions or comments, I'll be glad to hear them! :)

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15 Aug, 2018 17:33

Anytime! You definitely have one of the most interesting and unique concepts I’ve ever seen! I really want to see where you go with this! I also wonder if there’s any sort of organic life left. Thanks for making something so cool!

15 Aug, 2018 18:30

I'm glad you like it! :D There is indeed lots of organic life left. Animals and plants and such! In fact my world is quite idyllic, nature-wise.

Check out The Hummelverse, the world of AI tanks!
28 Apr, 2018 01:03

Thank you so much for following my world ^-^ If you like to know more about Aqualon be sure to drop by the Aqualon Discord Server, it has daily facts about the world :3

28 Apr, 2018 16:46

Thank you for making it! It's really cool! I'd love to join your discord, but I don't have an account or anything.

28 Apr, 2018 18:03

Oh, discord accounts are free, it's like a fusion of skype and teamspeak ^-^ you can get the application here, or use it completely online without download:   and you can join the Aqualon server via this link:

Hi, I'm Ross, but you can also call me Roger. I've been writing since I was little. I love to talk about my stories and characters, and I'd really love to hear your advice and criticism. I am still learning, so please don't be too harsh.

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