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The Rock of Sanctuary

Photo author: Dan Taylor, Flickr
The Rock of Sanctuary is a shrine inside the Sanctuary Holy City, guarding the most important relic of all the Cult of Uz holds dear, the holy stone. The holy stone is said to be Uz's birthplace, a 6-meter tall monolithic structure made of a pale blue translucent crystal that sheds a beautiful turquoise light that damages any undead who steps inside the tower. This light its said to be a fragment of the mighty light of their god, that purges the wicked and inspires the pious. The place is open to pilgrims and visitors one hour each day; as the Pater Helios and the archbishops are the only mortals allowed here outside said hour. If the Holy City is attacked, soldiers are allowed to remain here to guard the place.

Every Pater Helios in history and some archbishops have said that the stone speaks to them, mostly in dreams but on some rare occasions even when they are awake. Such messages are passed down to the believers, as Pater Helios is considered to be the divine messenger of Uz on the mortal world.


The building around the stone is a fourteen meters high, gothic style tower with six floors and 400 square meters surface on each floor. It is decorated with beautiful stained glass windows with religious images and the corners are decorated with carvings of important religious figures.

On the upper floors, there are the buried bodies of the previous Pater Helios and some exceptional saintly figures of history as well as very devote Aquisgranian emperors. The top floor contains the quarters of the current Pater Helios, because he is the only mortal allowed to live in such sacred place.

The holy stone is in the center of the room, illuminating everything with its turquoise light, surrounded by a 3 meters tall steel fence.


The true story behind the holy stone is, in fact, the story of Dalyn and Iblis. When Dalyn created the first crack in the barriers between worlds to open a portal, allowing the Demon God enter the world, he did so in the isolated island to prevent any interference with the process. When he had a change of heart, he constructed the stone as a Seal to prevent the portal from opening and eventually closing the hole. As he knew that the Seal could be easily broken, he returned to the hellish realm of his parent to confront it and keeping it busy while the artifact was working. Despite Dalyn being destroyed, him stalled Iblis long enough for the Seal to do its job.

Nowadays, the stone contains most of the remnants of Dalyn's shattered soul, who still tries to protect the Seal at all costs. On the other hand, the barriers between both worlds are thinner here, so Iblis whispers to corrupt anyone who can hear it. As both voices are fighting each other, the messages the Pater Helios gets can be whispers of the god of light, whispers of the god of dogma or a mix of both.

The stone inspired the Sazzar Cult as much as the one of Uz. When humans exiled from the Steppes conquered the remnants of the Sanctuary Empire, were the ones who created the religion. A priest of the old religion arrived at the island, following a revelation on its dreams, and found the stone. When he heard clearer the whispers, he went to see his chieftain, who would become the first empress of Aquisgran, and showed her the stone. Shocked by the revelations, they both founded the Cult of Uz, turning the old priest into the first Pater Helios and considering her conquest of Sanctuary as a holy crusade. When the empress took control of the empire, she declared the Island a holy ground, not ruled by her, but directly by the Pater Helios.
Light of Saphire
  The holy stone, at night, before the tower was built.
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