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Member since: 16 Nov, 2017

Amateur writer and elementary school teacher in training. Worldbuilding for the hell of it, though I'll probably set a story here eventually. Strongly focused on the anthropology, mythology, and character aspect of worldbuilding. Oh, and making horrible monsters.

Favourite Movies

Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings

Favourite TV Series

Fullmetal Alchemist, Arrested Development, M*A*S*H, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Favourite Books

Discworld, Sunwing, The Book Thief, Speaker for the Dead

Favourite Games

Tales of, Pokemon, Zelda


[row][col][img]13530[/img][/col] [col][justify]An ancient world of myth and magic. Woolly mammoths roam the steppes alongside civilizations taking root in the wake of destruction. The world is trapped in a cycle of destruction and rebirth, with li...

Ancient Fantasy, Low Magic Oriental

Speaker for the Gods

[row][col][justify]What do you do when you realize you're working for the bad guys?[br][br] For generations, the city-state of Atlan has expanded outward and brought the rest of the region under their tight control. One small group of rebels stand...

Ancient Fantasy

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Featured Articles

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3 Feb, 2018 04:59

Today I found the only other author on this website whose world has well-developed nonwhite humans instead of elves. I think I'm in love.

3 Feb, 2018 15:14

Haha, high five! More people should try this; I've been having so much fun learning about lesser-known cultures for inspiration.

10 Feb, 2018 17:52

Half of the articles in Most Liked in the last 7 Days are yours!! How awesome is that :D thanks for inspiring us all!

10 Feb, 2018 20:14

I know I feel guilty about spamming the front page aaaaa

10 Feb, 2018 21:48

1-2-3-4 I declare a spam war!

8 Mar, 2018 05:59

Your presentation skills are absolutely incredibly. No, I'm totally not jealous; why would you ask such a thing?

8 Mar, 2018 17:06

Thank you!

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