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Bad Chilii

Member Since: 7 Jan, 2018


Aspiring DM of 5e DnD with a homebrewed world I've been working on for the past 21 years.

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8 Feb, 2018 05:41

Hey Bad Chili, What program are you using for your map drawing? I came across it a little while ago and lost the site, been trying to track it down since! Thanks.

8 Feb, 2018 14:42

I use hope that helps!

9 Feb, 2018 19:31

Thank you!

3 May, 2018 16:23

I am sorry if this is a silly question, but how do you change theme? I can't find it.

4 May, 2018 14:24

Not silly at all! Just go to your world's Dashboard and click on "Configuration" in the top bar. From there, just scroll down to the Display section and you'll see the Theme drop down bar and all your options are there!

5 May, 2018 11:51

But, I am still not seeing it. I see the weight figuration, the "display table of contents" (which is just a tease for the guild) and the "dispaly recent articles". I don't see a drop down bar there.

7 May, 2018 13:49

Are you a "Guild Member"? Maybe if you're not they don't show up?

7 May, 2018 21:38

It's not really an option for me to be one... But why is the original so THAT? :( Thank you very much anyway.

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