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The two walked hand in hand, as they strolled down the street, their green skin stood out against the white of their clothes. The woman was starring off into the distance as the man took his free hand and let his claws ghost up her arm. She yanked her arm away.

"Stop!" she giggled, "stop, that tickles!"

As soon as her hand was free, she ran along the street, her green hair blew in the wind and her eyes shone as she laughed loudly.

"You can't catch me!"

He shook his head, when had he married such a child?, but couldn't help the fond smile that grew on his lips.

  Iwachi are a species living mostly in the Country of Ildres. Humans hate them and they hate humans. They're a proud people, who care deeply for their loved ones. If anything ever threatens them or their family, they don't hesitate to defend them in any way possible.  

Physical Feautures

Iwachi are humanoid creatures, they have to legs, two arms and a head just like humans do. They even walk the same way. But you would only have to glance at an Iwach to see that they weren't human. Iwachi generally have green skin that varies in color and intensity, but it sure can't be called a subtle color. They also have big pointed ears, yellow or greenish irises, fangs and very sturdy nails most just refer to as claws.

They're generally taller than the average human and they have a tendency to pack on muscle way quicker than any human. They're generally strong and have a good hearing as well as good eye-sight.

Their hair vary in color, but it's usually green or black. In some rare cases, an Iwach may have dark brown hair.



The Iwachi have lived on Morlea for many thousand years, they were a people who cared about traditions, their elders and their ancestors. They started out with living in tribes in the western parts of Morlea, they thrived and lived peacefully. But over the years, they gathered in larger tribes, some even started forming villages and soon some ran short on ressources.

Many settlements sent out teams to collect food and scour the surroundings for possibilities. Some found human villages and raided them. This was the start of a very long and strained relationship with the humans. Small wars often broke out between Iwach tribes or villages and human villages. They grew to hate each other with a burning passion.

As years went by, some of the Iwach villages turned into towns and the humans felt more threatened than ever. They ended up founding the Kingdom of Edrea so they could coordinate defense and offense against the threat of the Iwachi. The Iwachi ended up founding the Country of Ildres and many Iwachi moved into the cities and stopped living like they did in the tribes.

The more "modern" Iwachi are the Nerna and the ones who live in tribes are the Treil. They got into a disagreement because the Treil refused to give up their tribes to live in cities instead so they could protect the nothern parts of Ildres.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Fangs, facial markings and pointed ears.

Average Intelligence


Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

With their green skin and large claws, they could be seen as intimidating and otherwise dangerous. Other physical features includes fangs, yellow eyes that glow in the dark as well as larger pointed ears so they can hear better. They can be hostile and if you were to ever encounter one, thread carefully as it might lead to your demise.
— from a human book (this is a racist view on the Iwachi)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Iwachyr Olinoth
Average Height
1,7 - 2,2 meter
Average Weight
65 - 105 kg
Average Physique
Tall, broad shoulders, tendency for big muscles.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Green skin. Facial markings, vary in shades but are green as well.
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