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Guardian of the North

She'd been so afraid. Alone, cold and lost in the wilderness was not the way she'd imagined she'd die, and it wasn't. In her direst hour of need, a light had formed from the surroundings and manifested itself into what looked like a wolf. She'd later been told that was Cadekiero, the protector and guardian of the Treil.
  Cadekiero is a myth often told in Halivaara. It is often thought that the land watches over them and it sends magical energy in the shape of a wolf to guide and help those in need. Many who flee to the north report seeing the glowing wolf when they thought they were about to meet their end. Sightings of Cadekiero is mostly reported by Half-breeds who are on the run and seek to find the frozen sanctuary of the north.
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History of Cadekiero

The first time someone reported seeing a giant glowing wolf was over 350 years ago when the area had only been inhabited for a little over a hundred years. Since the first report, countless others have surfaced throughout the years.
Somewhere down the line the name Cadekiero was used about the wolf, the name is derived from the Treish for "guardian".  

The little lost girl

A small Treil girl had been out on her own just around her village when she saw a rabbit and followed it into the forest that's nearby. She lost track of direction and soon she was alone in the wilds with the sun setting.   The girl later returned to the village safe and sound, even though she had been outside without proper clothes for hours. She told her mom about seeing a "blue glowing Northern White-Wolf" which had let her crawl on it's back and then it walked her back to the village.   Most of the villagers believed her since blue lights had been seen floating around that evening. But there were also those who claimed that the small child was delusional.
Other reports include many of the same sightings as the first one. There are many common elements found across reports. Some take that as a sign it's real, others that it's fake and they base it on earlier reports.  
Common elements
  • People getting lost
  • Giant glowing wolf
  • Other lights said to be made from magical energy
  • Half-breeds fleeing from either Ildres or Edrea
  • People riding on the back of the wolf
  • People forgetting how they got back after the wolf found them
  • The wolf protecting the borders of Halivaara from invasion

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