A frozen sanctuary

There was nothing but snow as far as the eyes could see. Only a forest of big, dark pine trees could be seen up ahead. Not a single living soul in sight.
  Halivaara is the most northern point of both The Country of Ildres and Morlea. Halivaara is covered in snow most of the year, it only melts around the summer solstice, and it only lasts for around a month. The area is not sheltered against wind or weather in any way and it's not uncommon to see heavy snowfall or very strong storms.  

A frozen safe-haven

The cold lands of Halivaara is not ideal for living, but it became the home of the Treil after they were hunted like animals by their fellow Iwachi, also known as the Nerna.   They fled to the cold norths of The Country of Ildres to try and avoid the wrath of the government and the people of Ildres.   With the wars against The Kingdom of Edrea, Ildres soon forgot about the Treil who had managed to escape, and they managed to settle down and make a life for themselves in the harsh environments. The descendants of these people still live on the lands of Halivaara to this day.
Not only the treil are hated and hunted, so are the Half-breeds. People who are half Iwachi and half human. These individuals are often killed due to people in both countries suspecting them to be spies. Many half-breeds have tried their luck with fleeing to Halivaara, both from Ildres as well as Edrea.   They often dream of a better future, and if they survive the cold barren landscape, they might just find what they seek. Many of those who make it are taken in by hospitable strangers in the area until they are ready to stand on their own feet. Many of those who arrive in Arcmore usually come from Edrea, and they are housed in the Arcmore Sacred Halls until they have another place to live.

Unrecognized nation

  Halivaara used to belong to the treil, even before they were officially hunted by Ildres. The land had been given to them officially so that they could move there and so that the Nerna could be free from the Treil. These documents have later been burned by the country of Ildres after deposits of Eastril were discovered in the area.   The treil call the area The Republic of Halivaara and they want to be recognized as an independent and sovereign nation. Edrea has recognized them as a nation for many years, but Ildres hasn't. The citizens of Halivaara have not pushed the matter further since they have been left alone by Ildres in recent years. Ildres have backed off from the area due to the number of resources that are needed to invade and take over. They have chosen to use these resources to make sure they're ready for a potential third great war with Edrea.
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The cold north
The safe-haven
The frozen sanctuary
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The continent of Morlea
The continent of Morla with towns and cities drawn in. The only distinction between the coutnries are the colors of the pins. Green for Ildres and red for Edrea.
Halivara is located above the most northern mountain on the map. The area frozen over north of the river is Halivaara.

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Another short yet amazing article by you! I really love how short this article was and yet how it managed to captivate me with its intriguing history and how it has served as a safe haven for Treil Iwachi and half Breeds alike!   First and foremost, I loved the history of this article! The intriguing story about how the Treil Iwachi were persecuted and how this cold , inhospitable land has strangely, been an abode of warmth and peace for them. It really allows for some interesting story situations!   Secondly, the linking system here was also amazon too! It really allowed for this article being quite interconnected with other articles that refer to this location!   Now onto the feedback part. I know this comment already reeks of bad feedback but I’m trying my best I promise!   First of all, what natural resources are found here? Do the Halivaarans or Ildresians ( is that even a term?) try to exploit it in any way?   2) Have there been any sort of armed resistance amongst the Halivaarans? Have they ever tried raising their own military to counter Ildresian aggression or even form military alliances with Edrea?   3) What are some of the wildlife and flora that can be found here? How do the inhabitants exploit it?   I’m sorry if my feedback sounds bad. I wrote this at 1:42 am for the most part so I’m kinda sleepy XD. I really do hope my feedback wasn’t shitty or robotic. Congrats ninne and keep up the great work!