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Yarn made from tree-bark

Bark-Yarn is created through Bark-Yarn Spinning, which is common technique in Halivaara and Wodila'hei. The yarn can take anywhere from around 3 to 15 days to finish, depending on what type of tree bark is used and how many people are participating in the manufacturing process.    

History of the Bark-Yarn

The Bark-Yarn is a popular choice for clothes in these two locations, due to the fact that many who live there have little to no access to clothes-materials made from animals. Many of those who live near the big forests in Wodila'hei have no opportunity to hold house-animals such as sheep or cows, and instead of importing they choose to make clothes out of the materials they do have. The yarn has been used for clothes on the southern continent for thousands of years, where it's only been used in Halivaara in the last 400 years or so.  

A sign of independence

The Bark-Yarn became an important symbol for the Treil Iwachi after they fled from The Country of Ildres and to Halivaara were they ultimately came to live. After learning the technique of Bark-Yarn Spinning they could produce even more clothes than before, which was essential in the cold climate of the north. The government of Ildres had first let them flee to the north, because they were certain they would all perish in the unforgivable weather. However, this didn't happen and many Treil attribute that to the Bark-Yarn.
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In Wodila'hei and especially in Mailessi, Wyeen'cil and Ikjaal, the yarn is usually only used for making the outher layers of clothes as well as blankets, carpets and drapes for houses. Since the Wodila'hei Union, the trade has opened up between all of the southern countries. Getting clothing materials is no longer a problem, but the bark-yarn is now used for cultural purposes. It's a sign of ones past and heritage.
Bark Yarn
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In Halivaara, the bark-yarn is used in almost every possible way one can imagine. It's possible to get every common piece of clothes made out of it as well as home accessories such as carpets, blankets, drapes and even furniture polstering. People often wear many layers of clothing, and the bark-clothes is usualy worn as the second or thirs layer, since it's great at keeping people warm. But it's also quite itchy if you wear it directly against your skin.

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Are clothing items made out of bark yarn washable? What kind of requirements/care do clothes made from bark yarn require? (I'm particularly thinking of how it could compare to wool in the medieval period, which would ideally not be washed)

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