Hunted and hated

The group of Treils danced in celebration of the completed wedding ceremony, the two partners smiling widely with a flower chain wrapped around their joined hands. They were both wearing their earchains they got from one another, they'd never looked happier than they did in that moment, standing together in their wedding attire with paint on their faces, which almost covering their green skin completely.
  Treil is an ethnicity of Iwachi found in the nothern parts of Ildres. They're technically living on the grounds of Ildres, but their territory has been agreed to be theirs in old documents between the Treil and the Nerna . The Nerna doesn't respect this anymore and they have been huntinh the Treil people, giving them the choice of either fleeing or dying.  

Traditions and Ancestors

The Treil hold on to their traditions and take great pride in them. They don't see them as restrictive but rather as a way to honor their ancestors and have celebrations with the ones who are still alive. Their ancestors are generally what their traditions and religion revolve around, they believe that their ancestors influence the world around them, and if they make them proud and happy then good things will happen. They have many traditions, the most important involve births and deaths. It is of outmost importance to the treil that their people come and go to and from this life in the right way. They believe that a child's life may be cursed and they will live an unhappy life if they are not welcomed the right way. They also believe that ancestors not burried the right way come back as vengeful spirits.  

Naming Traditions

The treil people usually live in tribes, they all believe in the same things and are of the same decent, but they chose to spread out over a bigger area to make sure that they have enough resources. Their last names depend on which one of the tribes they come from, each tribe has a suffix which is put in the end of the actual last name. An example would be the Hutuni tribe, they have the suffix of -nui.

When naming children there are a few pointers that can be followed, but they don't have to be. Common girl names often end with either -sk, -pa, -y or -i. Common boy names usually end with -ol, -m, -ak or so.


A common thing is also that girls will get their mothers first name as their middle name and boys will get their fathers. Generally the last name of the father is passed on, but a child can pick whether they want one or the other. It is more normal to chose the father's name as it is easier to place people with the families they belong to

Gender Common name suffixes
Girls -sk, -pa, -y or -i
Boys -ol, -m, -ak or so


History of the Hunted

Long before Ildres was founded, the main ethnicity of Iwach was the Treil. They are proud, united and very tradition oriented. When they attained new technology and entered a new age, many Iwach abandoned the old ways and moved to cities and forgot most of the traditions they used to have. These were no longer seen as Treil by the ones who stayed behind. The Treil were left alon for many years, they didn't cause any trouble so they were left to live their lives as they wanted to. But as time moved on, the modern Iwachi developed a distaste for the Treil.

They looked down upon them for still following the old ways, they were often branded as barbarians and uncivilized people. Then a fatal rumor started; they were called canibals and accused of kidnapping and killing children, as they apparently tasted the best. The general Iwachi population were in rage and many government funded groups went to the Treil's lands and slaughtered them. When the wars with the humans began, they didn't have the resources to keep hunting the Treil, but the distaste and mistrust never left the people of Ildres and the Treil are still hated to this day.


Differences between Nerna and Treil

Nerna Treil
Their skin are often deeper tones of green, and a more "dusty" and muted color. It is normal to have face marks, but they're usually very small and only differ slightly in color from the rest of the skin. The Treil often have lighter and brighter green colors as skin tones it can be vibrant but also a more muted color. They have bigger face markings that are often a lot lighter or darker than the skin itself.
White schlera and yellow-ish or brown-ish eyes. White or slightly yellow schlera with often yellow-ish or green-ish eyes.
Slightly taller. Slightly shorter.
Idrish Treish and Idrish

Species: Iwach

General Area: Nothern Ildres, away from big settlements.

Language:Treish and Idrish

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Symbols hold power

The symbol of Ledero assures safe passage to the other ancestors, it is to make sure that the relative will not suffer and return as a spirit seeking revenge.   A central element in the Treil culture and traditions are the use of symbols, which they believe to hold a power. They are often seen drawn on people or items to wish a good future or other things on them. Situations which involve symbols are births, coming of age rituals, marriage and death.  

Important traditions

Ear chains - courting tradition
Illustration showing difference.

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