The Republic of Halivaara

The unrecognized nation

The Republic of Halivaara is an unrecognized country in Morlea. It's home to the Treil Iwachi and has been a country for almost 300 years. The Country of Ildres lay claim to the land, but by old decrees, the land is actually owned by the Treil.
These documents have dissapeared through time, and now Ildres claim they've never even existed in the first place.  

Organisation structure

The nation is led by a government of sorts, but it is not as massive as the governments of The Country of Ildres and The Kingdom of Edrea due to the population being a lot smaller.   The leader of the republic is chosen by vote and is called the High Chieftain. Only those who are already Chieftains can be selected for the role.  
Every Chieftain has a council, which helps them make decisions as well as bring those decisions into the world properly.
The High Chieftains council consists of the other chieftains as well as trusted advisors chosen by all of the chieftains. These advisors are especially handy when the other chieftains have no way of making it to the council meetings.
  1. High Chieftain
  2. Chieftain and the High Chieftain's council
  3. Chieftain councils
  4. The people (who choose the chieftains and high chieftain by vote)
Founding Date
487 AK
Geopolitical, Country
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The area of Halivaara was officially given to the Treil by the government of Ildres many hundred years ago. The land was given to the Treil to make them move out of the rest of Ildres so that they could be contained in one area. Specifically the one area in Morlea with the harshest conditions. The Nerna wanted to get rid of the treil, but at that point, they weren't ready to get their hands dirty yet.   However, when their plan didn't work and most Treil opted to stay in the warmer climate, they turned to hunting and killing the treil. Now most of the treil remembered the land they'd been given and they fled there in hopes of avoiding the wrath of the citizens of Ildres. They formed towns such as Kranta and Arcmore and kept as far away from the rest of the Iwachi as they could.   The documents showing that Halivaara belonged to the Treil mysteriously disappeared soon after the Treil discovered Eastril deposits in the mountain range on their soil. Now, the Idrish government claimed that the documents had never existed. This lead to another wave of attacks on the Treil, this time on Halivaaran soil.   Soon after, the The Second Great War started and Ildres moved out of Halivaara so that they could focus on fighting off The Kingdom of Edrea. This gave the Treil time to reform and build up their strength as well as organize a system of their own.
The map of Morlea. The northern point of the continent above the mountains are the Republic of Halivaara.

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