Ear chains - courting tradition

The Iwachi is a modern species with big cities, trade and riches. Their country has evolved in many ways through the years, and the modern Iwachi often look down upon the Treil for their traditions, but there are one traditions they hold on to themselves.  
The young lady pulled her hair away from her ears so her friends could get a better view of the chain of gold that hung from her ear. It was a well crafted piece of jewelery with a ruby at the end of it. She got it from her current boyfriend.


The tradition of the ear chain goes back hundreds of years. Before metal was easily accesible, the ear chains were made of flowers and thin, dried brances. They were not as sturdy, but couple's made each other new ones each year, to symbolize that their relationship still flourished.


When one partner in a relationship feels like it is time to wrap the flowers* they either craft or buy an ear chain. It is a long process of searching for the right one, as it will likely be the partners most prized and valued possession. When the chain is bought, it is common to get the other partners parents to bless the chain and wish a good marriage upon the couple.

Then it's proposal time. it can be done in many ways, but often it is done a holy place as it is said to bring blessings for the joining. The other partner is presented with the earchain, and if taken and worn, the marriage proposal is seen as accepted. It is very common for the couple to go out and buy a matching ear chain for the other one.

  *When the wedding ceremony happens, the joining is finalized by wrapping a chain of flowers around the couple's joined hands.

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Example of an ear chain:

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