The belief that ancestors are the key to honor

The sunray lit up the head of the statue in the otherwise empty hall. A young woman stood in front of it, she laid down a big bouquet of winter flowers.
  Prevajanism is a religion that the Treil Iwachi believe in. It can therefore be found mainly in Halivaara. The religion of Prevajanism is a hybrid between the earlier religion of the Treil as well as Arknaism.   This means that they believe in many of the same things as the followers of Arknaism do, but with one crucial difference. They believe their ancestors are their connection to the magic instead of Arkna, and that the magic is tied to honouring their loved ones.   Arkna is, therefore, the creator of the world, but not the reason that an individual could access magic. Arkna created magic but she doesn't specifically control it. The magic is a sign of worthiness given by the ancestors to those who would make great leaders. Those with magic potential were more likely to be chosen as leaders of the tribes or families.

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The Tenets of Prevajanism

The 12 tenets of Prevajanism are a mix of those seen in Arknaism as well as others that come from the old religion. 5 of the 12 come from Arknaism and 7 of the 12 come from the old religion. They are sometimes separated and called the new (Arknaistic tenets) and the old (old religion tenets.) They believe that you cannot be of use to your descendants if you don't follow the tenents, for that will make you honorless. Those without honour cannot become minor deities and they will potentially bring shame to their lineage.  

The 7 old tenets
Those unique to Prevajanism, they stem from the tenets of the old religion.

  • Honor Arkna as the first god, and your elders as the seconds.
  • Do not steal from your brother, instead share your own gifts with others.
  • Do not deliberately sabotage offerings.
  • Do not kill to offer the god or deities anything, instead offer what is already dead or was never alive.
  • Remember your ancestors, for they brought you here.
  • Honour your elders.
  The 5 new tenets
Those also found in Arknaism
  • Do not kill innocents.
  • Do not abuse others who have not threatened yours or someone's safety.
  • Do not meddle with the passage of time.
  • Do not upset the balance of the world.
  • Do not act as if you are worth more than others.

New book
by Ninne124
The new tenets are identical to those found in the Arknaistic book. This book is known by the name The Book of Truth.

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The sunray lit up the head of the statue in the otherwise empty hall. A young woman stood in front of it. In front of it, she laid down a big bouquet of winter flowers.
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