Wodila'hei Union

The Wodila'hei union is a union that started out as an alliance between Mailessi and Nata'ul to stand against Wyeen'cil. But through the years, the nations in Wodila'hei have had peace and prospered. They have come closer to one another and thus the WU was transformed from a small alliance into a big one. All the countries in Wodila'hei are a part of it, it is made to discuss things like trading and other important subjects. It is also used as a prevention of war. If a nation attacks without going to the WU first to settle things, the 7 other countries band together to stop the atacks.   The WU is lead by one of the Osaas , who is elected by the other Osaas. This person will get the title of Djahl and is the highest power in the union.  

Map over Wodila'hei



The Djahl is an Osaa chosen by the remaining seven Osaa to lead the union. It is the Djahl's duty to call for meetings, both in general and if another Osaa request a meeting. The Djahl has a final say in any matter the union tends to. His vote generally counts for two or he can veto a vote in some specific cases. The Osaa generally see the Djahl as their leader and they often heed their words and act on their orders, despite being rulers themselves.



The Osaas are the rulers of the southern countries. The eight of them are the members of the union and vote on different matters. An Osaa can ask the Djahl to call for a meeting regarding something they find is a problem or something that needs to be discussed. They can vote on the subjects that are brought up.



The Kalis are the "witnesses" to the gatherings. They aren't actual members but someone who is there to make sure that things go according to plan and to write down what happens in one report. The Kalis are people who are elected by the Osaas. Each Osaa can bring two kali.

Public Agenda

The purpose of the union is to make sure that all the nations are safe and are doing well. It is also made to settle problems and conflicts in a peaceful manner so the nations wont end up going to war against one another and loose resources that way. They make sure the trade between the nations are well and profititable for all parts.

Their most important, but least mentioned, task is to coordinate the armies of the nations in case of an invasion from outside of Wodila'hei.


The union was first a simple alliance between the two neighbouring nations of Nata'ul and Mailessi. Both countries were regularly attacked by Wyeen'cil. Wyeen'cil was as large as Nata'ul and Mailessi combined and the strength of its army was massive too. After their alliance, Nata'ul and Mailessi managed to fend of the attacks through a longer period of time.

Ikjaal joined the alliance two years after it's beginning, but it didn't get much protection as it was on the opposite side of Wyeen'cil. Since Nata'ul and Mailessi was protected, Wyeen'cil started attacking Ikjaal, Yleshi and Lobaac'i instead. This made the two last mentioned nations join the alliance.

That meant that Wyeen'cil had enemies all around their borders, and though the country was big and had significant power, they wouldn't be able to hold up in a war against 4 nations. They stopped the attacks and after a while retreated back behind their own borders. The alliance was satisfied with the result and decided not to retaliate, as that would lead to unnecessary losses.

Opnatt and Seonad joined after a longer period of time. They didn't have borders with Wyeen'cil but became a part of the alliance to strengthen their relations to the other nations.

The threat of the alliance was so big, that Wyeen'cil didn't lead any attacks anymore, and when the Osaa who had commanded the attacks died, the new Osaa started negotiations with the alliance. In 648 AK, 61 years after the original alliance, Wyeen'cil was allowed to join. It was now focused on the relations between the countries as well as to other nations (such as The Kingdom of Edrea and The Country of Ildres ).



Though the old Osaa was dead and a new one had taken over, many still saw Wyeen'cil and its Osaa as the ones responsible for ruining thousands of lives and terrorizing villages and cities around the borders. There were a lot of heated discussion between the Osaas. Especially Nata'ul and Ikjaal had problems accepting the new Osaa and his nation into the union.

Their main argument was, that the new Osaa had been raised by the old and therefore must have been influenced greatly by the man. It might be a trick, many of them said. But time went on and everyone forged bonds, the discussion died out eventually.

Stronger United

Founding Date
01/05 - 587 AK
Political, Alliance
Alternative Names
The union, WU, the alliance
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Ethnicities


  • Mailessi (founder)
  • Nata'ul (founder)
  • Ikjaal (joined in 593 AK)
  • Yleshi (joined in 599 AK)
  • Lobaac'i (joined in 601 AK)
  • Opnatt (joined in 619 AK)
  • Seonad (joined in 624 AK)
  • Wyeen'cil (joined in 648 AK)

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