A Mining Town past its Glory Years

Written by ninne124

The town of Vettihl is not very well known, not even in Nata'ul where it's located. It's a small community of around 1500 people, who make their living off of the local mines. Most only pass through the town if they make their way through the land via the Corripowa River.  
The town I come from is not much if I have to tell the truth.
It's small and the people barely scrape by.   But it was home, and though it no longer is home, it still has a place in my heart.

The Highs and Lows of Vettihl

Vettihl was once a bustling and big town, where many travellers made their way to and through. It was a trading and selling hub, especially popular with those who sought to make money off reselling the precious metals sold in the town.   However, as the years passed, other big mines were established in Nata'ul and fewer people chose to pass through Vettihl. The town's income trickled down and became a fraction of what it used to be. This forced many to move elsewhere to find better fortune and the town slowly shrank as the inhabitants abandoned the sinking ship.   In the current day, Vettihl still makes money off their mining products, but they also focus on agriculture more. This is because the town has fertile land nearby because of the Corripowa River. They feed the entire town and also export to nearby settlements which are further away from viable water sources.
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Eternal Deity Ademal
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11 Dec, 2019 17:02

The quote is sweet and very forlorn. I like it, it gives me a sense of missing a place I've never even been to.


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Thank you!   I'm happy it has the intended tone ^-^