The Mailessian Pearl

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Prin is the capital city of Mailessi and is the most important harbour city in all of Wodila'hei. Much trading goods is moved through the country by boat on the Teina River, which flows through Prin. It's a colourful place, a meeting point for all types of people from all around the world.  
The harbour was bustling with people, even now in the early morning hours, before the sun had shown her face. Traders and merchants were setting up shop along the promenade only a short while away from where the ships would lay anchor.   Children were laughing and playing in the wee morning hours while their parents took care of the shops and made sure to make connections to important traders who came from overseas.
  Prin is a bustling city filled to the brim with impression both for your eyes, your ears and your tastebuds. The streets are filled with classical music from abroad as well as traditional colourful Mailessian attire. The street vendors sell food from all around the world, both from neighbouring countries but also from other continents.
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The Mailessian Pearl
The Pearl
Prin Habour
Large city
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The Pearl of Mailessi

The city of Prin is often referred to as The Pearl of Mailessi, due to its great importance for the economics and trading of the country. Prin is the main point of trading with both the northern countries of Wodila'hei as well as with The Kingdom of Edrea in Mailessi as well as the entirety of the southern continent. Even traders from Ishodera frequent the harbour and bring valuable and different wares with them.  

The cultural exchange

The visitors and inhabitants of Prin do more than just trade wares, they trade knowledge, ideas. culture and language as well. Due to the influence of the outsiders coming to the city, the cultural life in Prin is much different from the life led in Natutarrah, a big city in southern Mailessi.   The people of Prin speak many languages and they speak an entirely different dialect of their mother tongue than their sisters and brothers in the "capital" of south Mailessi. It might even be hard for someone from Prin and someone from Natutarrah to communicate from time to time, due to the many different influences.

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