Corripowa River

The life-source of Mid-south Nata'ul

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The Corripowa River flows out from many places and has multiple branches that flow together before it reaches the Alerian Sea. The river exists in its entirety in Nata'ul and the Wodila'hei Union. The river is mostly used as transport from one end of the country to the other, but also as a water supply for the agricultural activities nearby.  
The river might not look like much. But it is.   Not just because of the flowing water, which in itself is a gift. But also because of the life it brings with it to the places it flows.   Both as plants but also as visitors, traders and explorers.
— Inhabitant of Vettihl

The River Brings Life

The Corripowa River is an important part of life in many areas of Nata'ul. It is often referred to as life-giving or all-important. These statements are completely true, as many areas would be barren and near uninhabitable if the Corripowa River suddenly disappeared. The river brings both opportunities for growing crops, producing a large amount of food compared to the number of inhabitants in the area. This means that the river gives food and therefore life in that sense, but also enough food so that it can be sold and people can make a living.   Furthermore, the river brings trade to the towns that lay along the water. This gives an easy way to sell the crops and other products and materials as well as a way of buying things that they cannot make or get themselves. Lastly, the river brings adventurers and explorers, who can sometimes bring unwanted attention but also the potential of new contacts with other places. This is also a great way to exchange cultures, knowledge and other useful things.
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