Osaa Linkoshi stood with her shoulders squared as she addressed her people, the crowd below her had fallen into silence as she spoke. Her voice echoed in the square as she spoke of the war up north, they were going to send aid to their nothern sisters and brothers in Edrea
  An Osaa is the title given to the ruler of one of the eight nations on the continent of Wodila'hei. The title is hereditary just like the title of King.  


The reason for having the Osaa and their family as rulers stem from many years ago. When the people of Wodila'hei first started assembling in groups they had their own leaders. In one of the tribes, a man challenged the leader to a duel. Whoever won would be the leader from then on. It is said that neither men had any magical powers, but during the fight the magic blessed the challenger, without even being near a shrine. The people took it as a sign that the magic had chosen the man and he was declared leader of the group. The old leader became furious and tried to murder the Osaa but he was pushed back by magic and the rest of the tribe took him as a prisoneer instead.

The tradition of the Osaa spread over Wodila'hei through marriage. The daughters and sons of the Osaa were married off to some of the leaders in the other tribes. Soon all the leaders had the blood from the first Osaa flowing through their veins, and it has been seen as their birthright ever since.


Most Notable Current Holder

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  Linkoshi is the most powerful Osaa in the southern continent at this time. She is highly respected by the other Osaas and has her cousin, the Osaa of Wyeen'cil as one of her closest allies.   She is also the Djahl of the Wodila'hei Union. Whoever holds the title of Djahl can influence the world in many ways.   Linkoshi has strong ties to Queen Cerilyn and through her also Zuree. Mailessi and The Kingdom of Edrea have been close allies since the Osaa and the Queen met when they were younger.


To become an Osaa you have to be the closest relative to a newly deceased Osaa. The children of the Osaa are the first choice. Either the oldest child become the new Osaa or they agree on one of the siblings who are most fit to lead. Some Osaas only train a couple of their kids to ensure that those children will most likely become the next Osaa after they die.


One has to be sworn in as Osaa for it to be official. This is done by firstly contacting the Wodila'hei Union to officially elect the person. Then the nation is notified and a crowning ceremony is held in the nation's capital city.

The person has to swear on the magic of life and to Arkna, that they will lead as an Osaa should and honour the way of life and the people. This is done while kneeling on both knees in front of the masses who have come to see them sworn to leader. Then they bow and the people bow back, signalling that there is a mutual respect between them. The individual is then crowned by a Priestess of Arkna and from that second, they are considered to be the Osaa.

Treatment and Respect

The Osaa has the utmost respect from the people, both in their own countries but often also from the other southern nations. The respect ultimately stems from the fact that they were chosen by the magic itself. But many of the Osaa's gain respect through their actions and policies.

If someone insults the Osaa it is also seen as an insult to the nation as well as the people of the nation. It is not illegal to badmouth the Osaa, but it is highly frowned upon by most people.

Nobility, Hereditary
Still in effect
Equates to
A king or a queen. The title is given to the closest relative (children before siblings) in the same way the title of king or queen is. A Osaa can be a woman or a man.
Source of Authority
Their bloodline who was chosen by the magic itself
Length of Term
Until they die or choose to abdicate
Current Holders
Reports directly to
Related Locations

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Great article for describing a rank! I love the creativity in this and how the ossa and the people of the land mutually respect each other. It has plenty of detail and yet small enough to be read in the span of a few minutes and is not mind jarringly complex. I had two questions First and foremost, What happens if somehow an Ossa becomes a tyrant? Do the people rebel or are they forced to abdicate by the council? The second question is that do the Ossa have any speciliazed equipment that serves as symbols of their power like special weapons, armor, regalia and other stuff? Anyways nice article as always and the artwork is great too. Congratulations on putting so much effort into this one