The Djahl is the most influential person in the Wodila'hei Union and is therefore also the one of the most influential people in Wodila'hei. The Djahl has to be one of the eight Osaas and has to be elected by vote by the other Osaas.


To become the Djahl, one needs to be one of the eight Osaas (leader of one of the eight countries that are a part of the WU)


The Djahl is chosen by vote. The only ones who are able to vote are the Osaas. It is possible to vote for yourself, so it is all about convincing the other Osaas that you should be the Djahl.


The Djahl has to call for meetings based on the situation in the nations that are a part of the WU. If one of the Osaas request a meeting, it has to be held within a month. The Djahl has to have the sufficient knowledge to solve conflicts or make desicions, this can be aquired by the Djahl or their servants.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

To be removed from the position the Djahl either has to be voted out or killed. If six out of the seven Osaas (not counting the Djahl) vote to remove the current Djahl, it is accepted.   Djahls have been removed based on:

  • Attacking another nation without settling the conflict in the WU
  • Not fulfilling the duties expected of a Djahl
  • Misuse of power or threatening


When the Wodila'hei Union was first made, it was only two out of the eight countries who were a part of the alliance. It was made as a protection against Wyeen'cil, since the Osaa had attacked both Nata'ul and Mailessi multiple times.

But as the alliance grew to more countries, they decided to name it a union instead and in the year 624 AK every nation but Wyeen'cil had joined, they decided they needed a leader of the union. That title was then named Djahl.

Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
Equates to
Emperor (only in some regards)
Source of Authority
The Osaas (who get it from their bloodline who was chosen by the magic itself)
Length of Term
Until death (unless a vote is made to remove the Djahl)
Current Holders
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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