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Sat Jan 19th - Wed Jan 30th

A Family Affair

Made through blood or bond, family is everything! We want to hear about the most powerful families in your world!
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“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” Michael J. Fox   Montagues and Capulets, The Corleones, The Clintons, The Rockefellers. Family is often a person's greatest strength and their greatest weakness. We hear about the power of family in everything from business to politics, from fiction to fantasy. It can determine who you are and what path you follow, or it could push you to separate yourself from the norm. Family at the end of the day does matter.   Tell us everything about the most powerful family in your world. Are they a criminal empire spanning generations, holding their domain in a iron grip? Perhaps they are moguls of a trade, beating out all their competition through family knowledge? Maybe they are a royal family, ruling over a realm for centuries and bringing prosperity or ruin to their lands?  


Standard League Winner
Matthieu A.

Premier League Winner
B.K. Bass


All participants will receive the participation badge. The winner will receive an extra shiny badge, have their article featured, and will be shouted out on the weekly stream!

The Brief

Tell us of one of the most powerful families in your world. They can be criminals, moguls, political, or royalty. We want to know how they started. Were they catapulted into history by a series of fortunate purchases? Did cunning decisions lead the family to the top? Did a military conquest leave them on the seat of power?   We want to know what they are renown for. Do they rule their area with an iron fist, or are they more charitable? Do the people hiss their name with disdain, or sing praises about their feats? Do they control a trade?   Bonus points for using the World Anvil relationship feature and for delving into some of the more famous members.

What to cover

  • History: How old is the Family? Who was the first? How did it become so powerful?
  • Reputation: What are they famous for? What did they bring or take from the world?
  • Operations: What does the family do today? Do they just exist or are they still active?
  • Members: What members of the Family have contributed the most or are the most known?

The Rules

  • Articles for Submission must use the Organization Template
  • You do not have to use the fields of the Organization Template
  • Articles must be submitted before the closing time, else they will not be judged
  • Articles will be taken from a shortlist of likes, the top five articles will be judged by Barron.
  • Only one article may be submitted per author, this does not mean one article per world. Think of the Coauthors!
  • Articles may not be edited after they are submitted. Any edits after submission will not be judged.

You can and are encouraged to share your work on social media!
You will be able to submit your article only if it is public!  


There are two leagues that will be independently judged. The Regular and the Premier League. The Premier League consists of all the authors who have previously won a competition.   Winning a competition in the regular league will promote you to the Premier League for future challenges.  


The Competition starts the moment Barron announces the Competition on World Anvil Radio, and closes ten days after opening at 1800 PST (300 GMT)   For January's Competition, it will be open on the 19th and closed on the 29th.

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