The energy of the world

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The water of the Olchari shone a bright blue as she stepped into it, power coursed through the air and everyone around her fell into silence. It was as haunting as it was beautiful. Blue lights floated in the air, like magical embers of a long forgotten world. There hadn't been a magical awakening in many years, but here she was. Her eyes opened and they looked like stars, glowing just as bright as the embers around her.
  The magic is generally also known as the power and substance of the world. It is within all living things as well as dead, anything from the smallest bee to the largest mountain.

The power of the world can be manipulated, but only if an individual shows potential and only if the gateway of their own being is opened. This can be done through the Shrines, the most popular spot is the The Shrine of Aralican.   The energy can be harnessed by a person and by intent, generally made clear through words, it can be directed and used for whatever is wanted. However, the intent is not enough as the person also have to actively focus on transferring the magic energy, which takes a lot of training and can be difficult to master, since one is channeling the power of the world through their body. It tends to be easier for individuals with stronger magical potential, as they are able to draw forth more power as well as harness it easier compared to others.

The discovery, destruction and disappearance of the shrines

The first shrine ever built was the The Shrine of Aralican, which has stayed the most important shrine throughout the times. The shrine was built by a group of both humans and Iwachi. The method of building the shrines is said to have been revealed by the magic itself, also referred to as Arkna. Some see it purely as energy, others believe that Arkna is a goddess both blessing them as well as condemning them on their path through life. She is all knowing, all seeing and is usually also called mother earth or simply just the mother.

As times went on and the two groups started to despise one another, the two nations of Edrea and Ildres were founded. The humans and the Iwachi were at war many times, but the two most notable was The First Great War and especially the The Second Great War.

Under the second great war, the armies took to destroying whatever shrine they came across and soon the The Shrine of Aralican hid itself from the world. It was still there, but the forests around it discouraged or tricked people into never making it to the shrine.

The magic never disappeared as such, rather the humans and the Iwachi no longer had a way to unlock the gateway within themselves and get access to the magic. Slowly, all the magic users died out until there were none left. The power remains as it always has been, but the people of Morlea are back to living a life devoid of magic.


The Shrine of Aralican

The Shrine of Aralican
by Ninne124


Beside the obvious effect of the magic itself, another identifying factor is the glowing, blue eyes of the Magicae. A stronger glow characterizes stronger and more competent Magicae Sometimes the energy of the world can be seen seeping out of a random tree or somewhere, where there has been made an opening to the energy. It is the same principle as it is when a person gets acces to magic, but the "gateway" is in a location instead of bound to a specific person. Generally this is seen as dangerous unless the gateway is under observation. It might cause random and violent outbursts of magic that could potentially blast a poor old lady 20 meters back. Once, an entire village was wiped of the map due to an unregulated gateway.  
Can you believe it! Magic was real- wait, is real, whatever - and when people use it their eyes glow, it sounds so weird! Why would they glow?
  It is possible to check whether an individual has magic potential, this is done through the Aventing, where the shrine will reveal if the child will be able to unlock the secrets of magic later in life. Magic is usually unlocked around the age of 18 where the mind is said to be evolved enough so that the child is not hurt.    

Zuree magic
by Ninne124

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Zuree is later shown to have magic potential, but due to the fact that it cannot be unlocked, she gets the condition usually called Magic combustion, which ends with the individual exploding and dying due to pent up magic.


Spells and Rituals

Though magic is in reality just redirected energy, there are spells and rituals that can be done or said to make sure that whatever is intented, is brought into the real world. One can do almost anything with magic with enough power, knowledge and a tinge of luck. Usually though, it was used either in battle, to heal something or help with difficult tasks like building large structures.

Many learnt the spells back before magic disappeared, but there were individuals who where said to not need spells. Usually when one had practiced a spell enough, they'd know how to draw the power as if it was muscle memory and they wouldn't need to utter the spell anymore. It can take thousands of successful tries of one spell before someone is able to do it without saying it aloud.

During the wars, many of the books on magic were burned in Edrea by the Ildrish Army and books in Ildres were burned by the Edrean army. The reason for this was the same as with the shrines, they wanted to prevent the enemy from gaining more magic users and stop current ones from using magic. That only worked if they were dependant on spells, but over time, all the magic users died out and now none are left.


Spell page
by Ninne124

Metaphysical, Arcane

Word explanations

A shrine is a structure built in place with a deeper connection to magic or a location with an abundance of magical energy. It is built in a special way so it can unlock the gateway within a person without someone having to recite a spell.   Articles for more info:
The Olchari is the part of the shrine that is enchanted to unlock the gateway within a person.   Articles for more info:
Magic Potential
Magic potential is a way of describing how easy magic will come to an individual and whether they'll be able to even use magic. Not much is known about the phenomenon, but it has often been connected to certain mental traits or mental strength as well as adaptability. If it is not unlocked it can have fatal consequences, depending on how much magic potential an indivual has.   Articles for more info:
Magicae is just another word for magic users. Those are the people who have magic potential and have unlocked it.

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I forgot to write that in there! That's a pretty important part, thanks Tobias!   The magic disappeared around the same time as the shrines were ruined and destroyed, the last shrine dissapeared as well. That meant that no one but the ones who already unlocked magic had access to it, so when they died, no one else could tap into magic. The energy is still there, but the people of Morlea can't get access to it atm.   Thanks for the comment!

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I imagined it so that more Iwachi had potential (but generally pretty low) whereas the humans had fewer with potential but more potential. Which was why the Iwachi destroyed the shrines in the human areas (the humans retaliated)   Thank you for the comment :D