A Natural Blockage

A gateway is something everyone possesses within their being. When a person is born, the gateway is closed off, which means that the person is unable to draw on energy from their surroundings. Instead, they only have access to the small amount of energy within themselves.   At the age of around seventeen to twenty, it is deemed safe to remove the natural blockage. This is usually done with people who have high magical potential. This means that they have an affinity for controlling the magical energies around them and they also have a high chance of a high concentration of energy within themselves.   If the blockage is not removed from such an individual, it could have grave consequences. Not just for them, but also for anyone who is around them. When people with high magical potential does not have the blockage removed, it often ends in Magic combustion. This condition's severity depends on the magical potential a person possesses, but more often than not, the results of it are fatal.  
We have all heard the tales from the old days, back when there was still magic. People who had refused to go to the shrine and open their gateways would often explode in a horrible manner.   I didn't believe them, it seemed so unlikely! Like nothing more than a scary story to tell the kids.   But we were wrong, and finding the The Shrine of Aralican to fix Zuree is a lot easier said than done...
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Magic combustion

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19 Dec, 2019 21:30

Oooooooooo this is such a cool idea! I love the Magic Combustion idea that happens if the blockage isn't removed.   Speaking of, is the blockage natural, as in it's there by default? Or when a person is born, is the blockage placed there by someone with high magic potential? If it's there by default, I'm curious how these gates were opened in the first place, before there were high magic potential people!

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