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The Sun Crown

She stood on the balcony, the crowd was silent below her. Her legs hurt as she knelt on the hard stone, bowing her head down. She had waited for this, been trained for this. Her crowning marked the day she would step into the adult world. The crown was secured to her head and her mother helped her to her feet. The people roared and clapped, she could barely hear her mothers whispers.
  The sun crown belongs to crown princess Zuree of Edrea. It was designed, envisioned and made by the royal goldmakers in Mailessi and was given as a gift from Osaa Linkoshi, the leader of Mailessi.  


The crown is made specifically for Crown Princess Zuree of Edrea.   It has become a symbol of beauty and goodness to the people of Edrea, just like Zuree symbolises those things. To them the crown is a sign of hope and future. The sun never sets on the princess, the only heir to the throne, and she will never be cast in darkness. Just like the crown is a sun, some people have resorted to calling Zuree the sun of Edrea or the light of Edrea.   A bright future and a big promise in the shape of a headstrong and clever girl who will rule the Kingdom one day.




The crown is inspired by the Crown of Arkna. The people in Wodila'hei generally believe in Arknaism whereas the Morleans believe in Munduanism. Linkoshi had the crown designed after the crown Arkna is said to wear.   It is made to symbolize that Zuree is going to be a light in the darkness, just like Arkna was in the myth about the creation of the world. Linkoshi believes that Zuree will be the one to bring back the peace, prosperity and magic to the whole world since she knows a lot about the dissapearance of magic as well as some of the visions some of the oracles had.

Arkna Portrait
by Ninne124

The sun crown
by Ninne124
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
One of a kind
1,3 kg
30x35 cm

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Cover image: by Ninne124


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11 Jan, 2019 15:25

Simply Fantastic! I like the mythical symbolism of the crown, how the wearer is supposed to be a beacon of light in a dark world. Really adds depth to it and its simply fun to read. I would suggest adding links to Arkanism and Munduanism for adding more context and depth. If thats done then you have a complete and full fledged item article that epitomises creativity and completeness One question i had though was that does the crown have any divine or magical abilities that it grants to the wearer? If so then how do they manifest? If you make a link to an article about that then not only do you have more expansion, but even more cohesiveness and depth. Keep on rocking with awesome articles like this?