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Ailill, the Druid

One of the greatest druids to ever live

Ailill Yaerian


"We've come a long way now, and I have only one last piece of knowledge to pass to you: do not trust my teachings, child. Do not take them as the truth. Go, and find the answers yourself. See the world, watch the events unfold, be a part of it. Only then will you be able to see the answers and comprehend them fully."
— Ailill, the Druid

Once the leader of a Wood Elven community, Ailill left to wander alone through the continent as part of the ritual to become a Druid. He never returned to his old role as a leader, but he would often stumble upon other groups and offer them guidance for a while. His insightful pieces of advice earned him a reputation, but his ultimate goal was never achieved before he passed away.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born among wood elves, Ailill showed a great knack for magic since his childhood, and not only with the Wind element as is common among his people. Due to the local culture, this naturally drifted him into positions of counseling and leadership as he grew older.

But aiming higher than becoming a common leader of a small group of people, Ailill dedicated himself to his true passion, magic, and studied it deeply by observing nature, life, and by gathering wisdom from the elders and young alike. Years passed, and he grew wiser and more powerful than anyone anticipated, and then a druid finally crossed paths with his people.

Seeing the potential in his eyes, the druid decided to stay awhile and teach Ailill, as he could very well become a great druid himself one day. Those were long and arduous years, upon finally understanding the basis of all 8 elements, including Earth that always proves to be a challenge to Elves, Ailill was sent into his final quest to be worthy of being called druid: making his wand.

He had to find two specific components: a small branch of wood that had the ideal size and shape to become a wand, which he could not brake from a tree, and a small gemstone that would be strapped to the wand, which he could not get from commerce. And after years searching for both, he found a new purpose just when the Seer's Eye was finished: he learned of various magical anomalies that seemed to threaten the world. He investigated many of them, and along the path, he found a lost elven child, who he adopted and named Alex Yaerian

Ailill and Alex spent their years as a family, traveling through the continent in search of anomalies and helping people along the way. Thanks to the wisdom he acquired through his pursuit of the way of balance, Ailill was able to change the lives of many people who sought him for help. Ailill eventually made quite a reputation among these communities as a wise and kind traveler. At the same time, he taught Alex about many things, magic, language, life, death, and all he had to teach.

When he finally reached enlightenment about the Blightwoods of Archana, the very first anomaly he learned about, he was far too old to investigate himself. Before they arrived in the Kingdom of Magic, Ailill taught his last lessons to Alex, gave his wand and the burden of his quest, and passed away.


Ailill's contributed in a great way to the path of balance. Thanks to his wisdom and pieces of advice, many different communities and cultures drew closer to balance, improving their way of life. Even though his help wasn't widespread, the seeds he planted can sometimes be seen spreading roots far beyond the places he's been.

In death, his powerful soul bonded to the Seer's Eye, his personal wand that was passed down to his apprentice Alex. His quest was also passed down to the kid, investigating and eliminating the anomalies that threaten the world.

417 AE 495 AE 78 years old
Family & Relations
Alex Yaerian (protégé and adoptive child)

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