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Soul bonding

Echoes of a being bonded to an object


"According to the stories, my foremother had a circlet that was dear to her. If that's true, she could have bounded to that. I need to go and see it for myself. If anyone could help me, that would be her, and this is the best chance I have to talk to her."
— Zeke Lionhart about the Lion's Resolve

When a person who left great deeds behind in their life dies, a person of great will and strength, they often have their soul leave their body still with their essence and consciousness. If that is all that is to the process, the person becomes a Ghost until their essence fades away. But there can be more to it: if the deceased has an item of personal value, whether it represents who they were or holds a deep personal meaning, this attachment to the item might create a bond between it and the soul, essentially serving as a new, second body for the individual. This event is called Soul Bonding.


It is impossible to distinguish a normal object from a bonded one to the eye. With the use of magical resonance, though, it is fairly easy to detect the strong soul attached to them. Because of that, it is common for these artifacts to get lost in the world, sold in the market by those who cannot sense its magical properties.

Results of the Bonding

Once the bond has taken place, the item is changed. With a power granted by the soul of the deceased, bonded items can then be used to draw from it and release a variety of effects. These effects vary wildly and depend on the nature of the owner of the soul, such as common elemental spells, boons to physical or mental attributes, or they might even serve as a guiding voice to those who would listen.

Bonded items


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