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Seer's Eye

Wand of the great druid Ailill

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for sharing her knowledge on wands in ancient customs


"This... this is something really important to me. It was a gift from my father."
— Alex Yaerian

Although not a widely famous figure, the great Druid Ailill was an important leader among the Wood Elves. He raised his apprentice Alex Yaerian as his own child, to whom he left his legacy and his wand, the Seer's Eye.


The wand was made by Ailill as a conclusion to his training as a druid. For an entire year, he wandered the forests in search of the ideal stick and gemstone to craft his tool. The stick couldn't be broken from its tree, nor worked into shape, so the quest to find the ideal branch was long and difficult. And being the branch of an oak tree, it represents resistance and wisdom.

The gemstone strapped to the wand, a magicite, represents the magical aspect of the concept of balance that druids strive for. The search for such stone took Ailill in a long journey of self-growth to the Bashmu Mountain Range. There, he found the gem inside the Veins of the mountains but also learned of the plague of the Blightwoods. Seeing this as a sign that his new wand was pointing towards his destiny, Ailill began using it as a guide as he tried to figure out the source behind the blight.

For many years, he trusted the magic of his Eye to show him the way he should walk, and in his last moments he passed it down to the young Alex, to serve as a guide as it served him.

Bonded Soul

Unbeknownst to Alex, Ailill's soul bonded to his wand when he died, granting some of his powers to it. Due to Ailill's close attunement to the Aura element, the Seer's Eye can grant its wielder a short vision of the near future. The event of the vision is not guaranteed to happen, but rather the most likely possibility.

Seer's Eye

The Seer's Eye

Item type
Current Holder
Related ethnicities
65 g
Length: 27cm
Thickness: 22mm
Base Price
Raw materials & Components

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