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Dr. Craig Landry

My world is barely recognizable. Let us make our remaining years restoring hope.
  In 2035, a NASA scientist team went into an experimental cryo-chamber to avoid the devastating cataclysm. They were awakened a century by the Wizard Mindok the Mind Menace. The Wizard enslaved them to construct a robot body so He could integrate and interface with his immortal brain.   Thundarr the Barbarian and his allies thwarted the Wizard and sent his flying battleship off into planetary orbit.   The Mind Menace's hypnosis wore off but the scientists were given access to incredible information. Dr. Landry recognized the importance of the information that they had obtained.  

The Wizard Applications of Particle 902 .

Dr. Landry was the first to recognize that the Wizard technology was largely controlled by a form of mental telepathy. Much like a wireless network of a Safe Home or building had operations handled by a computer. The Wizards had access to this frequency with their unique brain wave patterns. The Particle contained in the Star cruisers environment acted as an amplifier. The Wizard could direct most of the ship functions with focused thought or Strong Willful desire. Likewise, data was transmitted to the Wizard through these Particles and reintegrated by the Wizard's brain or receiver technology.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dr. Landry was the youngest of the NASA Scientists who put themselves in the cryo-chamber.
His personal life was one of self-serving materialism. He was recently married and had a son.


He has Ph.D. degrees in Physics and Engineering from the University of Miami. He finished top 5% of his class. NASA snatched him up the second they received his application in 2025.


He was brought on by NASA to work on lunar colonization technology. His keen interests in robotics, astrophysics, and telecommunications were a perfect match.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He was well regarded in scientific circles on his papers. "Z Wave Tinkering in Robotics", "Phase One: A Smart Lunar Pod" and the work that made him a candidate for a Nobel Prize, "Brain Wave Amplification". Many in the scientific community spoke of Dr. Landry as the "Stephen Hawking of Robotic Engineering." and he was featured in a few Science Channel shows.
Chronos Project by Aurore Folny

Failures & Embarrassments

He immersed himself in his work, and his family life suffered for it. His first marriage ended in embarrassment as his Brazilian beauty ran into seedy circles and she became an adult film star. His second marriage was more stable, but rumors of her faithfulness came into question. His son was three years old, and the nanny took care of him more than anyone else. Despite his fame and fortune, money has always been a problem because of alimony and his unchecked spending habits. His two million dollar Key Largo Mansion was up for sale to help get him out of his massive debt.

Mental Trauma

The cryo-chamber was not his idea, but he thought it was a reasonable way to die. At least the numbing cold would send him to sleep instead of a disturbing notion of a slow, painful death from radiation sickness or cancer from radiation. He had no idea the freaking thing would work.
When he came to his senses, all he had known was gone. His past feckless life hit him like a brick. He felt he wasted the prime of his life. If the cryogenic chamber could take him back, he would return to it.
Year of Birth
Dr. Landry brainstormed with the remaining scientists and created portable data cubes. These were receivers that focused on that special frequency. Dr. Landry encrypted all data going in and out of the cube so it doesn't get picked up by a Wizard. If a Wizard receives a stream from a datacube it is interpreted as garbled gibberish. Wizards would likely attribute the effect as a result of Earths natural magnetic properties and disregard it. Now Humans had the means to communicate with each other worldwide.

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