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Particle 902

When the alien Star Cruiser appeared in our stratosphere from Light speed the effects were devastating on multiple fronts. Most of us are told by our elders the devastation and loss of life. However, other worldwide problems lingered which hampered recovery efforts for decades. Radiation poisoning, ozone weakening, and EMP like blackouts were some significant issues in the collapsing civilization.   A diamond inadvertently arose from the rubble. The disastrous event provided for technology that would save humanity and perhaps propel it forward and beyond.
Outdoor enthusiasts were hiking in the mountains of Peru when the calamity occurred. They took shelter within the ruins of Machu Picchu and tried to get help. Standard wireless calls were not working, and the network provider was down. One of them had a device called a Beartooth. In the last-ditch effort, they put out an SOS on that frequency. They got numerous responses. Some close, otherwise from across the world!
The ruins of Machu Picchu

The Breakthrough

A slave researcher for Mindok the Mind Menace was infused with intense focus after being awakened from a deep freeze in an ancient lab of NASA. The science team was hypnotized so they could work on a robotic construct that could integrate a living brain entity with robotics. After Mindok was thrown into Earth's orbit, the hypnosis effect ended, but the memories of Alien tech remained. It was the breakthrough humanity needed. Now we knew what most Wizards knew about Particle 902.
Stock images, streaming particles blue
They figured out that much like one can inject a balloon-like substance with coloring dye, the alien particles, named Particle 902, was infused into the atmosphere, but its molecular structure was too large to escape through the intact ozone layers. Normally they would remain up and away from earth proper. However, an interesting interaction occurred. Scientists speculated the weakened ozone or disrupted magnetic field by the Earth allowed more of the Sun's solar radiation to enter. The radiation of our sun combining with this microscopic particle created a super reflective array. What it boils down to is that anything that uses a 902 MHz frequency is amplified one thousandfold.


Reeling governments and military were the first to apply the Particle uses for communication and configure low orbiting satellites. The problem they were running into was that the ozone would block transmission to our spacecraft. GPS and location devices were failing. Then the Wizard Emergence came.
The formerly enslaved scientists contacted who they could to demonstrate the vast amount of applications. Humanity arrived at its Technomantic Age. Unfortunately, it may be too late. Wizards with lifetimes of experience using Technomancy are terrorizing the planet, and Particle 902 is a part of that reason why they can do it.

The Emergence

The Particle 902 was of alien origin. This means the Wizards use it. Humanity failed to understand that by implementing Particle 902 you could potentially turn on devices of alien origin. It is speculated that our transmissions unlocked hordes of hibernation pods of alien beasts and Wizards. Similar to the myth of Noahs Ark, the Earth was being populated by monsters of evil from the Alien craft shards. They call the concept The Devil's Ark.
Access & Availability
Given the mass displacement of Particle 902, it is a virtual superhighway of connectivity for those able to access it.
The Beartooth device was the easiest method for survivors to coordinate rescue and recovery operations. Technology collaborators broadcasted their work and findings to anyone so the frequency could be used to bring humanity back from the brink.
People who had this Beartooth device could transmit signals worldwide. This was far beyond the ten to a twenty-mile range of the device. In fact, some tech companies across the world had similar results with their devices. It turns out that only one frequency band amplified the reception and transmission of radio waves, 902MHz. The tech companies scrambled to determine why this was the case and the consensus was a new particle has been introduced in the Earth's atmosphere. The Ship that broke up in the upper parts of the Earth sky released these particles that interacted with our ozone.

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