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Saffa the Enlightened

The Enlightened Saffali Mej-Kaal (a.k.a. Saffa, Saffron, Seraji)

Saffa the Enlightened was a Psycoronal Araji astronomer, explorer, and historian who explored a large portion of the world from 927 AV to 962 AV. In her thirty five years of studying the world, she documented numerous natural phenomena, ethnic tribes, proposed new ideals that would later be adopted after The Hundred Year War including: new ways to safely harvest telaurium crystals, astronomical charts, world maps, and international treaties. Though her findings did not have much impact initially, they became the base of most current educational systems posthumously.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Average body size. During her travels, she was thinner and more muscled.

Body Features

Medium-dark tanned skin, long straight black hair.

Facial Features

Wide eyes, thick eyebrows, small dimples in her chin and cheeks.

Identifying Characteristics

Eight pale white circular birthmarks on her back, each about an inch in diameter, starting at the base of her neck and ending just above her left thigh.

Physical quirks

Saffa was left-handed.

Special abilities

Psycoronal ley-user.

Apparel & Accessories

Saffa often wore gold or red colored apparel. She would also have several bracelets and/or hairpins in her hair, even on expeditions. She also loved to paint her nails, an activity she picked up from a brief stay in Naea.

Mental characteristics


Heterosexual, though there were rumors of her having a female spouse for a time. This proved to be nothing more than gossip.


Saffa was enrolled into Araji schooling at the age of four, where she proved to practically be a prodigy. She excelled at many subjects including science, mathematics, linguistics, and Rai-laamsi, or the ability to focus your ley energy. Despite this, she was completely disinterested in any kind of fiction, and often struggled in classes that touched the subject. Additionally, she was terrible at any kind of first aid, mainly because of her squeamishness.


Saffa originally worked as a book binder for a short time before leaving her country of Araj and exploring the world.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Saffa had many achievements in her life. She mapped out a large portion of the world (placing Lahaas, Iolas, Voldrym, and Moongrin on the current map), came into contact with a group of exiled Rahari and documented their tribe, was one of the first documented humans to negotiate peacefully with the Drakkon, found four new uses for paelite, one of which was cutting telaurium crystals effectively, and partially dispelling the myth of Deepsea Leviathans. Additionally, she was one of the first people to propose the world was round, and even suggested that there could be planetary bodies beyond Folterra and its two moons.

Failures & Embarrassments

Saffa once accidentally started a large brush fire in the southern area of the Wrathlands, catching a sizable portion of a nearby forest on fire. Because she and her colleagues could not contain it, she was forced to flee the area, and instead moved on to a new location. She also blamed herself for the death of her first husband, who died during an expedition when a landslide buried him beneath the ground.

Mental Trauma

She was traumatized by the death of her first husband. Additionally, she had a crippling fear of heights and many insects. She also had to obsessively wash many of the foods that she ate.

Intellectual Characteristics

Astounding spatial memory, great linguistic capabilities, historical knowledge.


Though she did not hold many things in a negative view, she did harbor a great hatred for any Shadowcloaks.

Personality Characteristics


Saffa wanted to understand the world better, and especially learn why humanity was so widespread throughout Folterra (Araji children were taught that humanity originated on an island that was near Araj that sunk hundreds of years before written history, and most humans fled to Araj).

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Saffa was an excellent cartographer and mathematician.   However, she was terrible when it came to helping anyone injured, and would retreat to a place where she could not see an injured person.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: history, sailing, the stars, written history, Ilysia   Dislikes: fiction, snow, lavender, Arlyia

Vices & Personality flaws

Saffa wrote a handful of times that she was "addicted" to playing Drunk Man's Dice during her stays in some areas.

Personality Quirks

She had a nervous tick of brushing back the hairs on her eyebrows when stressed, embarrassed, or otherwise nervous.


Saffa was rumored to be a bit of a germaphobe, often washing her foods in excess before eating. She would also refuse to touch any raw meat, and would be a bit disgusted by touching cooked meat.


Family Ties

Saffa was very close with her family, constantly writing letters to them during her travels.

Religious Views

Despite her upbringing, Saffa did not entertain the religious ideals that nearly all Araji did. Perhaps this is due to her exploration - seeing how many different peoples had different ideas about what or who to worship.

Social Aptitude

Highly intelligent, socially adaptable, respectful. The only time Saffa was considered to be rude was when her desire for knowledge became a lust for it. Though this happened largely in ley-drained areas, there are historical documents of hers where she notes how she "perhaps asked too much".

Hobbies & Pets

Saffa had a pet miniature tortoise named Turkan during her expeditions. During her trip, she learned that she loved to stargaze.


Saffa originally spoke with a heavy Araji accent. During her travels, the accent partially faded away, though she kept many of their idioms and phrases.
Lawful neutral.
Current Location
901 V, AV 977 V, AV 76 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Saffa was born to two "Rai" (ley users) parents, who were ecstatic to have a daughter; they had four boys before her birth. Unfortunately for them, as she grew she was quite the tomboy.
Circumstances of Death
Though her death was a sudden, it was not surprising. During her travels, Saffa contracted several regional diseases, some of which lied dormant until her older age.
Mahari, Araj
Current Residence
Saffa is buried beneath the sands somewhere in Araj. Her current resting site is trying to be located.
Wide-eyed, golden
Long black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned (medium-dark)
5ft 9in
144 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"This world of ours is incredible! I have never before, even in my dreams, seen places so vibrant and colorful. It's like whatever god, gods, or creator utilized all the paints in their collection for the world." - An interview in 938 AV.   "Do not get me wrong. The Drakkon are very inhospitable people. They are also some of the wisest beings I have ever met at the same time." - When asked about Drakkon, ~940 AV.   "History is something that you hew out yourself." - One of her most famous quotes, said on her first return to Araj.
Known Languages
Araji, Common, Rahaan, Zokralish, Drakaan

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