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Drunk Man's Dice

Drunk Man's Dice is a popular dice game played at bars throughout Folterra. As the name implies, it is especially popular to play while inebriated. Each player begins with three dice, shakes them in a cloth lined cup or in their hands, and then looks at them in a way to hide them from their opponent/s. From here, the game plays out much like three-card poker with raising, bluffing, and calling.


Because of this game's popularity among the bars and inns of Arlyia, it is speculated that the game originated from there. Because of the location, multiple types of people play this game - farmers, travelers, sailors, merchants, and so on. Most notably however, is the portion of sailors that play this game, or have played this game in the past. In some locations of Folterra, the game was, or still is, much more sinister - people trade their lives as servants, their spouses or sisters, boats, livestock, or worse.


Each player retrieves three dice from their person and places them on the table. Once all players are ready, then then give their dice to the player to their left as a method to avoid any kind of cheating (loaded dice, adding new dice in, etc). After this step, they pick up their dice and place them in their hands/in a special cloth-lined cup, and shake them until a command is given for everyone to stop. Each player then looks at their dice, hiding them from their opponents, and then places bets on who has the best results. Three sixes and/or a "Maiden's Bottom" (Two sixes beside a two) are both an immediate win, post-betting. The "Maiden's Bottom" combination is speculated to arise from the popularity of sailors playing this game at brothels. As such, more chaste areas might not allow this combination in their game. From here, it follows combinations similar to poker (6x3 =/= Maiden's Bottom > three of a kind > high straight > pair + high die > high dice combination).

Components and tools

To play this game, one must need three ordinary six-sided dice. Many also recommend a cold alcoholic beverage. Should you play this at a bar somewhere in Folterra, you should also prepare to bet an amount of money, as most people do not like playing with no stakes attached.


As mentioned before, Drunk Man's Dice has been played across the globe now for several centuries due to sailors playing it and teaching it to other people. Though, as also mentioned, some places alter the rules to make it a little more clean or family-friendly.

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