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Juniper Shortfoot

Miss Juniper Shortfoot (a.k.a. June)

A gnome born in the early years of the Age of Parting. She was very curious by nature and wanted to learn everything there was to learn about this world that had so recently been sundered into different planes of existence. Thus she set out on her first adventure at a very young age though her parents begged her not to go. Juniper wouldn't listen, she was determined to see the whole world and beyond and to write all of her discoveries in a book that would be read for generations to come.

Mental characteristics


Juniper was never employed by any traditional means but she did take on random jobs from people who needed help wherever she went. She was also a cleric of Ioun but she never worked at a temple.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Juniper did manage to go to all of the continents of the Prime Material plane, as well as travel to several other planes of existence. It was while travelling between planes that she discovered that sometimes portals would take her to other points in time than she was coming from. She realised that a person could travel both forward and backward in time using found portals, but if you travelled with the spell "Plane Shift" you would pretty much always be synced with the time you left or at least be only minutes away from it.   This led her to theorise that time wasn't a straight line or a circle like most people believed. All time actually existed at once, kind of like an infinite pool that everyone was swimming in. So every event in all of the years since the beginning of creation were actually happening at the same time and, if you were powerful enough, you could manipulate the outcome of a great deal of things. Juniper believed that this is how the gods worked but that it would be foolish for any mortal to attempt. She thought that this was a reason to why a portal would never bring her to a time where another her was on the same plane of existence. If that were to happen it would probably have broken her brain.   Juniper published all of these discoveries and thoughts in a book named "The Tricks to Time". Many have since used this book as inspiration in attempts to create more powerful time altering magic but they have always lost their minds in trying to do so, just like Juniper warns about in her book. If she were still alive she would be shaking her head and sighing in disappointment every time this happened.

Personality Characteristics


To discover something great and share it with people so that everything can learn from it.
Chaotic Good
Light blue, big
Medium brown, in a pixie cut
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair, with darker freckles
Known Languages
She knew all of the continents' common languages, as well as Gnomish, Elvish, Giant, Celestial, Sylvan, Abyssal, and Draconic fluently and knew some phrases of other languages, enough to get by in a pinch.


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