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Kunchok Se

Stonefriend Kunchok Se

"The next person who speaks out of turn will be thrown off of the nearest cliff, do I make myself clear?" - Kunchok Se, shouting a single squirrel.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Kunchok is a wiry old man. His skin is pale, his hair is gone, and his skin is hard and creased from decades living alone on top of a mountain.

Body Features

Pale green skin, large round eyes, heavily muscled.

Facial Features

Kunchok's nose is flat and wrenched to the side, a testament to his youth.

Physical quirks

Shouting at inanimate objects, animals, and children. Maintaining that minotaur "smell like an uncooked steak."

Apparel & Accessories

Kunchok wears the orange robes of all goblin diplomats, and keeps them in immaculate condition. His bonded tuskpeak beetle, Chogden, is a massive creature standing almost 1.25 metres tall, with a bright grey carapace. The two are never seen far apart.

Specialized Equipment

The only mark of his prestige that Kunchok carries is the carved rune of acceptance, a gift from an orcish diplomat after Kunchok successfully unified the squabbling Goblin Nations.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kunchok Se was born to a previously-prestigious family of monastic goblins whose history in the Tuskpeak mountains stretched back over hundreds of years. Born shortly after The War of Tusk and Horn, Kunchok was raised along the swarms of newly-freed goblins that flooded northwards towards the mountains and high plateaus of what is now known as the Goblin Nations. His family, a benevolent monastic order, exhausted their resources dealing with refugees. As such, Kunchok grew alongside the common people, dispossessed by the war and trying to find a life in the inhospitable mountain passes and valleys of the Tuskpeak Range.   Kunchok's family, as a result of this intermingling and support, lost the vast majority of their wealth and influence, though they maintained their respect and integrity. Kunchok's worldview was shaped by this experience; he went from wealthy ascetic to common labourer within the course of his childhood.   This rubbing of shoulders as the Goblin Nations settled into a stable series of cooperating states shaped Kunchok's philosophy and experiences. He traveled widely within the Tuskpeak Mountains, experiencing and listening to the cultures and stories from the goblinoids who had ended up in his ancestral home. He learned to fight from the bugbears, learned discipline and fastidiousness from the hobgoblins, and joined in the grand rituals of his lowland kin. In return, he shared the ways of the Tuskpeak goblins to all he met. Despite the trauma and suspiciousness he encountered on his travels, he always thought that it was better for people to come together than drift apart.   It was this cosmopolitan attitude that allowed him to forge the Goblinblood Treaties, unifying all goblinoids into a single cooperating unit when interacting with the rest of the world. A visionary of tolerance and balance, Kunchok is essentially the father of the modern Goblin Nations.   Like all fathers, however, he has gradually faded in relevance. Nowadays he is a crazy hermit living apart from society, though his whereabouts are somewhat of an open secret.

Gender Identity



Kunchok has had two wives. His first wife died in childbirth, and his second wife died after contracting a mystery ailment on a diplomacy mission to the human kingdom of Careodunum. Kunchok has remained separate from romantic entanglements since the death of his second wife, a hobgoblin diplomat of much renown.


Kunchok was educated in ascetic mysticism by his family, learned to fight from the bugbears of Dalmakan, and military discipline from the hobgoblins of what is now known as Bronzebolt. He learned sorcery from various mystics he met along his travels, of every race.


Kunchok is a career diplomat. His passage was always marked by increasing cooperation and prosperity in the areas he visited. In the modern day, he lives in a cave atop a high mountain, wandering out into the valleys occasionally to shout at trees and scold rivers for not flowing properly.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Kunchok Se is considered the father of the Goblin Nations, after The War of Tusk and Horn. He denies these claims, stating that he simply taught children how to share their toys.

Mental Trauma

Kunchok was born after the War of Tusk and Horn, and therefore did not experience any of the trauma of that conflict. Additionally, his family were never enslaved, so Kunchok is one of the few living northerners to not suffer from inter-generational trauma. He has become eccentric and somewhat senile in his old age, and frequently shouts at inanimate objects, animals, and weather formations for various reasons.

Intellectual Characteristics

Kunchok is not a brilliant mathmetician, scientist, engineer, or artist. His kills lie in seeing the common elements between people and bringing them together. Also, he is an immensely powerful sorcerer, something thta went relatively unknown until late in Kunchok's life.

Morality & Philosophy

All for one and one for all. He does not believe in currency or conflict, only trade and varying levels of cooperation.

Personality Characteristics


Strength through unity.


Religious Views

Kunchok is not devoted to a particular deity, though he does honour The Faceless Watcher as the master of order and negotiations. He also offers to The Mouth of the Mountain, as well as She Who Hungers.

Social Aptitude

Kunchok, in his youth and middle age, was a physical embodyment of charisma. In his old age, he usually screams at whoever tries to talk to him until they go away.

Wealth & Financial state

Kunchok, though he only rarely has done so, has most of the wealth and influence available to the entirety of the Goblin Nations at his command.
True Neutral
Year of Birth
34 PR
Circumstances of Birth
The last noble child from a formerly-prestigious Tuskpeak family
Tuskpeak Mountains
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Very pale, almost-white in his old age
Quotes & Catchphrases
"We share blood, we share history, and we will share our future. The more we share the burden, the more we share in success." - Kunchok, to the assembled Goblin Nations at the Goblinblood Accord.   "GET OFF MY LAWN!" - Kunchok, shouting at a goat doing normal goat things, nowhere near his lawn.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Stonetongue, orcish

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