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Khenbish of Clan Pema

Khenbish was one of the final leaders of the Odegai clan of Pema. A clan that valued inner strength, reflection, and mental fortitude. His was a smaller clan that lived in the Ginka Mountains of the Isao territory. The village in which Khenbish lived was situated near what is now Taikuri Village, though his clans original home now lays in ruin broken and buried on the high slopes of the Ginka Mountains.   Khenbish was a long-lived Orc, having lived for over a century before being killed in the wars that dethroned the Odegai. A feat legend says that only a few spiritually and mentally enlightened Odegai ever achieved. Khenbish was a great mind, and a known philosopher throughout his time in Shikruo. During his lifetime he would rewrite the old Odegai codes of conduct with knowledge gained via extensive travels.   He would travel throughout all of Shikyuo, meeting with all who would speak with them. In the hopes, he would gain tidbits of wisdom from all manner of people. In the end, he would speak with countless travellers, citizens, and leaders of the nation. Even stopping to speak with all the other Odegai clan leaders. An often dangerous task given the common hostilities between warring clans.   Upon his return home, he would spend years in solitude, reflecting on his discoveries. When he emerged he presented his clan with a new set of virtues, ones that were influenced by an entire nation and focused on self-reflection, wisdom, and protecting the nation and the weak.   While those within his own clan celebrated and adopted these new virtues swiftly, others met them with caution and oftentimes disdain. Some of the other clans would adopt these new virtues, hailing them as a collaborative piece of philosophical genius. While many of the other clans viewed them as naive and insulting, expressing anger and feeling threatened by what they perceived as a homogenization of each of their diverse cultures and ideas.   Khenbish’s Virtues would stay highly contentious during the rest of his life, never truly finding the status it deserved. Only after his and his people’s death would his virtues be adopted by the whole nation. With the new rulers taking them as their own and using them as laws for their soldiers and samurai. Though they would scrub any mention of his name from the records and craft an entirely new history.   Khenbish’s Virtues are still used and are widely popular amongst all of Shikyuo, especially samurai, philosophers, and the devout.
Khenbish’s Virtues
Each of these virtues was written using the teachings and knowledge gained by Khenbish during his journey across Shikyuo.   The virtues crafted by Khenbish are Justice, Compassion, Respect and Integrity, Sincerity and Honesty, Courage, Honour, and Loyalty and Duty.   Justice - Believe in justice, not from others but from oneself. What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong. Only the inner self can determine as such.   Compassion - Use your power for good, help those who need it, not those who ask for it. Seek out those who are in need no matter the distance or time.   Respect and Integrity - There is no reason to be cruel for the sake of proving your strength. One’s self is to be judged by the integrity of his dealings with others. Be honest with all. True strength is determined in times of conflict.   Sincerity and Honesty - Keep your word when given, speaking and doing are the same. When oneself agrees to a task they will not give up until it is completed.   Honour- Only the self can judge their own honour and character. Decisions one makes and carries out reflects who they truly are.   Loyalty and Duty - Oneself is responsible for their actions and the consequences of them. Be loyal to those one feels responsible for and do not falter when they are in need.   Courage - Be risky, put oneself in the line of danger for the sake of those too afraid to do so. Live life to its fullest. Be courageous but not blind. Be intelligent and strong while facing down conflict without fear and doubt.
Circumstances of Birth
Circumstances of Death
Killed during war against The Odegai by the armies of Toshitsuga Tageshira
Dark Grey in a Top Knot
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Green
245 lbs.

Seal of Wisdom
A long coiling silver dragon runs down the entirely of Khenbish’s arm. A tattoed seal that represents the enlightened wisdom of Clan Pema. It signifies Khenbish’s role as leader of the clan. Some have speculated that this seal is what gave Khenbish his gift of long-lasting life and youth.
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