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Stabilisation Gyro

A gyroscope that aids in the stabilisation of cargo.

The stabilisation gyro was invented by Suryo the Tinkerer from The Iji Islands. As a young boy, Suryo always wanted to see the world from a higher perspective (something that his Dwarfism prevented him from achieving previously). He helped to develop the methods behind making flight via Udarra Birds possible across The Iji Islands, but in order to do so he needed the birds to not shake around the containers during flight (which caused a lot of nausea and damaged cargo).   His invention of the stabilisation gyro solved this problem, and allowed for easy transportation, tourism and more across the isles. Today, his gyro technology is used all over Melior!  

Testing the early gyro

Before finalising his concept, Suryo tried many experiments with the gyro to make sure that it would be safe to use.
  • Barrel of water to see if it sloshed or rolled around
  • A whiskey bottle in a box, to see if it broke
  • A box of eggs, to see if they fell out or cracked
  • Himself, to see if he got dizzy or nauseous
  • A tortoise, to see if it was distressed after the journey
  • Himself and five friends, so that they could experience it and document things
Suryo the Tinkerer
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