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An isolated settlement home to wardens of the Jade Forest Nature Reserve of The Iji Islands.

Sepi is a large yet isolated settlement in The Wild Islands region of The Iji Islands. It can be found nestled within a huge, crystal-clear lagoon to the farthest point of the archipelago.   The settlement serves as a home to the rangers and wardens of The Wild Islands and its isolation protects them from being preyed upon by the many venomous creatures of the tropical rainforest.   The Sepid folk adhere to strict rules to ensure that all of their pollution and disturbance is contained and won't affect the protected ecosystem of the Jade Forest Nature Reserve.  
The Iji Islands


Sepi is shielded within a large bay which isolates it from the main landmass, making it inaccessible to many curious creatures.   The high walls of the town can make it look ominously overgrown at first sight due to the thorny bushes and brambles growing all over them. These uninviting walls are topped with patterns of vibrantly blooming cacti that make it very difficult to climb (or to perch upon).   In order to prevent the flying creatures of the nearby rainforest from nesting here, the rooftops of Sepi are adorned with polished metal, mirrors, wind chimes, and sculptures that appear to be in constant motion.   The small population is fed with produce grown in huge greenhouses to prevent infestations of pest insects, and also to deter any birds from picking over the crops.
Predominantly Rakuwan.
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
The Iji Islands
Organization | Nov 30, 2022

A large archipelago off the tropical coastline of the Arklendian continent.

Jade Forest Nature Reserve
Geographic Location | Oct 9, 2023

A huge tropical nature reserve that covers the southern half of The Iji Islands.

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Luca Poddighe
6 Mar, 2021 13:42

I liked very much "These uninviting walls are topped with patterns of vibrantly blooming cacti that make it very difficult to climb (or to perch upon). " A word of advice: never catch a prickly pear shovel with your bare hands.

12 Mar, 2021 14:45

I love the idea of the large greenhouses! :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
12 Apr, 2021 19:13

I love the image of statues in motion scaring off the local wildlife. Like a different version of scarecrows. Very cool.

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